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  • Very useful 2x18650 battery holder

    posted by schiang

    This is a very useful battery holder for 2 x 18650 batteries. Is use a couple of these as backup power for some of my devices.The build quality of the batteryholder is reasonable.The metal parts are good quality and will last a while I think.
    A couple of these combined of course with 18650's make an awesome powerpack.
    Good batteryholder for the price.
  • Just what I've always wanted

    posted by ecotack

    Most important pro is they DO fit protected cells. I have tried these with sku:20392 no problem.
    There are holes to mount this holder with screws.
    Comes with wires already attached.
    Its cheap and does its job well
    As I said they do fit protected cells and as far as I'm concerned I wouldn't use anything else.
    Should be a simple job to add a balance charge connector if you didn't want to use un-protected cells.
    I bought some holders from a large US component suppler which where a lot more expensive, weren't internally wired (just pcb pins for each cell) and a tight fit for the protected cells. Glad DX has now started selling these, they have been long overdue.
    If you need to make a 3S 18650 battery pack then look no further.
  • good holder case

    posted by andreiRCW

    Very good little holder for a single 18650 battery.Battery fits well and very tight. Sometimes you may need a helping tool to extract the battery, but I see this as a positive sign.
    I suggest you either reinforce the leads (resolder and add hot plastic glue) or mount the holder securely into you project and make sure the leads do not move. The soldering angles are tight and do not apply heat for too long, or the plastic in the holder will soften and you may need a new holder.
    A must have for DIY with 18650
  • worth to buy

    posted by winclon

    great product for storage AA and AAA batteries. very nice built quality with a sturdy plastic and with nice locking system.its transparant so you can check the battery without open it.very useful for photographer who use extra AA battery for flash light.
    i think it can be linked to one another with the side lock system
    Great product to keep your battery safe. with sturdy plastic and cheap price. no more disorganized batterywill order more next time
  • Great battery holder

    posted by akcaver

    These are great battery holders that are half the price that I can get them for here. What I like about these are the solid metal connectors between the batteries rather than wire crimped to the terminals. I have found the crimps are not always that tight.
    I wire out the switch as I have a switch elsewhere in the circuit and while I am at it I change the wire to a better quality silicon wire.
    You can not fail with this

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