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battery box Customers Reviews

  • love it

    posted by williamr99

    able to charge my phone any where and i already have the battery's for it. And i can also use it to charge my tablet and my ecig and other things that have to have usb to power them.
    no tracking number but it did come pretty quick. and i like the fact that you also make it really easy to check out.
    i am hopping that i will have the opportunity to buy from this site again and I am pleased with the product
  • External power supply with plug for Arduino

    posted by wendell7

    Exepcional material to work with several projects in various areas of electrical and electronics in general. Quite used to facilitate the attachment of multiple components of utmost importance. Flexible wires for better client adaptation.
    I think to better serve all consumers (in general) who want to get the product, should replace the wires (black and red) that do not get a good finish on the other type of connection device, further facilitating its use among consumers.
    Widely used among users of the Arduino, because it enables working with 9 volt batteries, their use becomes more popular among people belonging to the same class of electronics in general.
  • good cell phone accessory -- great value

    posted by FastFreddy

    good battery capacity, good build quality, simple design, uses a standard 18650 battery, appears to be pretty durable
    I modified the lid so the case will be easier to open. I used a Dremel Moto-tool to grind small notches in the lid so a prying tool can be easily inserted to open the lid. It would be nice if the device was designed so the battery could be more easily removed.
    A very useful device to carry if you anticipate a rough day of cell phone use. I have many things (mostly flashlights) that use 18650 batteries so I like the idea of having this external battery using a standard battery.
  • good holder case

    posted by andreiRCW

    Very good little holder for a single 18650 battery.Battery fits well and very tight. Sometimes you may need a helping tool to extract the battery, but I see this as a positive sign.
    I suggest you either reinforce the leads (resolder and add hot plastic glue) or mount the holder securely into you project and make sure the leads do not move. The soldering angles are tight and do not apply heat for too long, or the plastic in the holder will soften and you may need a new holder.
    A must have for DIY with 18650
  • works great

    posted by ilyakamb

    I bought this cage because I need two batteries connected in series 18650, ie utilization voltage 8.2 Volts. It is used in the grips of electronic cigarettes that are adapted to two batteries. Design is more than enough and the battery is easily inserted into the cage and take out, which is important for charging. The big advantage is the very small dimensions of exactly replicating size batteries 18650
    The 18650 battery is closely fit.
    Overall, excellent quality for the price. Fits both protected and unprotected 18650 batteries.

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