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  • It works for me

    posted by lordpoc

    It works for me. If you leave it some time it will discharge itself quickly but (in a week) But it works good.
    The wire is quite long and you can use it with it connected. It has an USB connector so you can charge it in a computer and you can use the cable for other things.
    It could be cheaper
  • Exactly what I expected

    posted by adrenalnjunky

    Genuine Panny 3100's. So afar I've used a series pair in a flashlight pulling 3A at the switch, they hold up great. I've also got a pair wired parallel on a bike helmet light - runtimes are exactly as expected. My accu-charger discharges down to 3v, then peaks to 4.2 - each individual cell (I ordered 6 at a time) took a little over 2800ma to recharge - which is right on the money for a 3100 cell in that situation
    Pricey - but worth it for a good cell.
    Will be buying again - I can wire 2 in parallel for 6200ma of capacity on a single XM-L light, and get almost the same runtime I would on a 3 cell pack of lesser 2200ma cells.
  • Works Fine

    posted by Sergiosulaco

    Simple and effective PCB. I use it with an old-cordless Screwdriver (KC9036 from Black & Decker) which was working with a NiCd destroyed battery.Two 18650 cells and this circuit and returned to live!!No more discharged screwdriver when you need it!
    Didn't measure the current, but my screwdriver gets 7-8 Amp (4 Amp for each Li ion cell now). with a "reasonable load". If the shaft gets blocked (0 RPM, full load), the circuit protects the battery (If not the current could get as long as 25A, measured with a higher NiCd capacity Battery).With two Notebook recycled 18650 batteries and two PCB (one for each), My screwdriver has power again. However, for my aplication maybe the current is sometimes too low . When a high current is requested, the PCB limits it (obviously). A very hard tightened screw, has to be hand-loosened before the machine is capable of loose it completely. With original (and fresh) NiCd Battery you were able to force it. Not now. But it does the job! However, i have to test it better and full recharge again the batteries. They were not new...
    The PCB works pretty well. i think I'm using it in its limits.
  • good product, but pay attention

    posted by Punkiderma

    Small, with matte finish that helps to catch more solar energy.
    If you want to use it for small things (leds, small electronics) I think it would be ok, but pay attention to electronic device that absorb more energy.
    For the price, I think is a very good product. Very easy to use and mount. I think you’ll need also a voltage regulator to use it at his best.
  • It works well and description appears accurate.

    posted by kelvinang

    Useful size and form factor. Provided suction cups help in attaching the panel to windows inside the car, or on the inside of the window of the house (as how I had used it). I leave mine permanently attached to a used 12V car battery (without a solar charge controller) and it always keep it well-charged without overcharging it.
    I suspect this panel does not have a built-in blocking diode that prevents the panel from drawing power from the battery when the sun goes down, but I can't verify that as it doesn't bother me too much.
    Useful and decent quality panel, albeit a little bit expensive.

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