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  • great light

    posted by hugootje

    great bikelight! shines as bright as carlightsI use it for evening- bike-riding with friendsLight is strong enough for riding on road, field.easy to useUsed it serveral times on high capacity and make two hour -rides = no problem!
    Delivered in a box. With 2 rings for bikemount and a headmount.
    I love itMy collegeas- bikeriders will purchase
  • Good bike light

    posted by trin22

    - Price is reasonable enough to overlook some flaws. - Very bright on maximum mode, strobo mode is absolutely killing. Quite enough light in minimal brightness to ride offroad after sunset .- Good quality, rubber seal rings, good heatspread
    Not as good as a Magicshine MJ-836 that I own for a year already but good enough for it's price. Almost as bright.
    Good for such a price. Takes a little effort to make it work perfectly.
  • Good Battery

    posted by flunk2003

    Very good battery. Allows for several hours of high energy light beam. I use it in combination with a CREE XML XM-L T6 1600L LED for mountainbiking. Perfect match. Comes with a handy battery holder to fix the battery to a bicycle frame
    First shipment got lost in mail, but DX has sent me another light. Thank you DX, very good costumer services!
    Good replacement battery for this price.
  • Ferei BL200

    posted by Onmoto

    Very high quality build, I have not seen better for this money.Steel & Aluminum!!! Solid simple and very correct mount.Very bright light! In high mode on the snow a little blinding )))Nice white light!It has more than 3 modes!!!You can adjust the brightness in the "Low" mode from low to high for your liking.Off-High-Low(manual adjustment of brightness)-Strobe(1,2,3)-Off.Good duration of work, may be forever in the strobe mode. ))))Working in the minus temperatures (riding in -15*C).Beam throw is outstanding.Light and small setup.Outstanding value for money.Various of colors!Water Resistant.Lens glass.Thick solid wire.Lightweight.Pedestrians flee horrified in fast strobe mode! )))
    I use it on Merida Ninety-Six 1000-D-N2.It has more than 3 mode !!!:Off-2 seconds hold on button - Strobe1, next 2 sec hold - Strobe2, next 2 sec - Strobe3. One pressing - Off.Strobe1 - single slow blinking during it is about 1 sec,Strobe2 - single fast flashing during it is about less than 1 sec,Strobe3 - fast triple flashing like a police.)))While riding in the snowy weather in sub-zero temperatures the glass lens gets dirty and the light dims, necessary to watch and clean.May be it would be better if in strobe mode every lens worked singly.Maximum running time is close to the claimed 3.5 hours, but I do not use one mode all the time.I use 7.4v 5200Mah batteries.
    Incredibly good light, the best for this money. Very satisfied. I hope it will work lasts for years.
  • The best bike light i have ever bought...

    posted by elite777halo

    The light itself is as big as the palm of your hand. I was quite shocked that the light is so small.I took this light out for a spin at dusk on the SOS setting to test the brightness. It lit up every single street sign in its path.Although this light (like other lights of its kind) has a concentrated bright spot, you do not need a diffuser because the concentrated area is wide enough to light the footpath in front of you for at least 50 meters. This light also has a wide angle of illumination. If you get hit by a car at night, who is pulling out onto the road you are on, they cannot say that they did not see you.The button on the back of the light illuminates brightly with different colors depending on how much power is in the battery.The battery lasts a long time on a single charge (full brightness).The charger has a red and green LED indicating the charging status.The aluminium body makes for a great heatsink extracting the heat from the LED, ensuring a long working life.
    The title is misleading in the sense that it states the brightness to be at 1200 Lumens. The box states that the brightness is 900 Lumens, but this cannot really be called a con as this light beats any other light on the market, hands down. 900 Lumens is still VERY bright, and you will easily be able to see at night and be noticed by vehicles. It is not much use spending about $75 on a magicshine light when it is only a few Lumens brighter.For all of you that do not know, the SOS function on this light is basically rapid flashing at 900 Lumens (more than enough to attract the attention of EVERYONE on the roads and footpaths).I unscrewed the plastic fastening piece on the bottom of the light and replaced it with the one from my old cheap light because it has a locking mechanism and a separate attachment which is on my bike. I can now clip the light onto my bike and feel confident that as I am riding it won't fall off.There is an average amount of heat in the beam of light emitted.
    This light is the best light I have ever bought. It is money well spent, and I would recommend this light to ANYONE who is looking to spend small for a bright light. No store where I live has anything remotely as good as this. This is definitely one of the best things I bought on DX. I am very pleased.


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