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  • The best NIMH batteries I own ! Awesome!

    posted by indask8

    -Up to 3000 Mah, especially if you use a smart charger (they keep the charger much longer than some of my japanese branded 2500mah batteries).-Perfect for High power consuming devices (I use them on my GP2X handheld, it's real battery eater, 15min max on alkaline, about 2 hours on 1800Mah batteries, but since I use those maxuss, I have more than 3 hours of autonomy depending on the use).-Well build.-Normal sized, should perfectly fit on any AA slot.
    -Well as I said before it's not really 3000Mah, but it's certainly very near of that value and that's why they say (Up to 3000Mah) on the packaging.
    -So far those batteries are the best batteries I own, even better than some very expensive NIMH batteries I bought before.
  • Very nice batteries

    posted by montinhoman

    Nice batteries. Will last quite a while in my wireless mouse ( this is most of the use I have for these ).
    Have had these for quite a while now and came back to buy some more ;) What I can say, these rechargeable batteries are very usefull to have laying arround!
    Have in mind these are 1.2 volts NI-MH batteries, which is a bit less then the usual alkaline ones ( 1.5 volts ), so, some devices will think you have low batteri when you don't. This is not really a con, as it has to do with the chemistry of the batteries and the device it self.
  • Great deal!

    posted by Tramonte

    - Good price for a AA 1.2V 2300mAh rechargeable battery (in my country it problably cost the double, and thats for 1800mAh only);
    - Nice package;
    - It holds the charge quite well.
    *** In Portuguese: ***
    - É um bom preço para pilhas AA 1.2V 2300mAh recarregáveis (por aqui pilhas de 1800mAh custam pelo menos o dobro);
    - Embalagem boa;
    - Segura bem a carga.
    I've bought it to use with sku.30606 and I wasn't disappointed.
    *** In Portuguese: ***
    Eu comprei para utilizar junto ao sku.30606 e não me decepcionei.
    It's a good buy.

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