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battery 3500mah Customers Reviews

  • good battery, ok cover

    posted by madendra

    1. The battery does the job it is meant to do. It has more than doubled my device's talk time and standby time.2. The battery hardly heats up like some tend to do.3. The back cover fits great.
    The material of the back cover is just average, but good enough so that it doesn't appear to be cheap. I bought both the black and white back cover. In my opinion the black back cover gives a better appearance that the white one.
    Well worth the money. I definitely do not regret purchasing it.
  • Really great!

    posted by Drogaytsev

    Very good choice for everyone who is tired of being linked to charger. Now your link is at least twice longer.
    The back side is liitle bit slippery, so only 3 stars for quality. But everuthing fits well.
    It really expends your phone's life at least twice. Very good choice if you go somewhere outside. With permanent switching off internet or/and autosinchronising it may serve you a whole day.
  • More Power

    posted by Pierkuh

    Fits easily on the back.Standby time of the phone takes a much higher level.Good build quality.
    I bought this accessory just before I went on a active vacation in France. When out came in I was pleasantly surprised. Good built quality and a back cover that fits perfect and leaves room for the camera and flash. Loading took a while, but thats no wonder if you take the capacity mind.As I presumed with this battery my phone worked over a much longer time.I'm really glad I bought it.
    If you want a long lasting phone buy it.
  • Battery is bulky but does offer much more capacity

    posted by hydroxiridum

    I purchased this after finding the native battery of my HD7 of 1200 mAh simply too little to last even a day without getting critically low.
    Back cover is thicker than original casing and is of poorer quality; falls out easily and is not a good, flush fit with the device.The bulkiness and heft of the device after installing the device, while unfortunate, cannot be helped.
    Suffice to say this this battery does what it claims on paper- offer alot more capacity for a bulkier, heavier and less beautiful phone. However if you use your phone frequently you will find this a welcome addition to your phone, as you can use it without worrying about your battery life.
  • Best product I ever bought.

    posted by uzidvir

    Changed my total experience from my S2 completely. Battery never runs out and it gives me the freedom to use the phone all day without thinking about it. You also get 2 batteries with a single buy.
    If you buy this you should buy a bumper protective case (that has only a frame but no back cover) to protect you phone from falls. The standard protective shields will not fit anymore.
    I think this is a must have to everyone with a S2

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