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battery 3.7v 2500mah

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battery 3.7v 2500mah Customers Reviews

  • .Great long lasting batteries

    posted by gearhounds

    Very cheap, long lasting cells. Recessed + nodes are great for me in my C2 Q5 which has been modified with a positive node spring. Great build quality, trouble free charging in sku 6105. Right to 4.2V then a clean stop. Just the right length for both my C2's.
    Make use of the measurements provided to insure that these will work in your lights. Been my experience that some popular lights such as Romisen's F4 will not take them, but can't say if their C2 clone will. If you don't feel like doing small mods like positive springs or positive solder contact points, you can spend 1 measley dollar more and get sku 5790 with a + node and the same quality.
    If your light takes 18650's, has a spring, raised + node, or you are handy, get these.
  • Cheap all in one

    posted by milandv

    Cheap, well fitting case + protector screens.battery is well working and perfect as second one for the battery-eating S3. battery fits as it should be, so does the backcase. It protects the phone when it fals or is in your pocket + it looks nice
    this site is the best plays to make this kind of deals. if you are a patient person.
    this packags is awesome after buying the phone, no need to spend a lot of money for the case & cover
  • Cheap Batteries

    posted by psifactor

    Nice and cheap, these little batteries come in a pack of two which is quite handy, for my flashlight (SKU 24354) these things have powered it for ~1hr fine without me noticing any dimming or diminishing of the beam.They charge fine in charger i also bought from DX, with the two of them it's great for a single battery flashlight as one can be in the flashlight as the other chargers, you practically never have a time without a charged battery ready to swap with.
    If you bought a flashlight and just realised it doesnt come with batteries (yes i did that xD) these are perfect, not too expensive so you still have some cash to buy other DX stuff.These batteries are protected (have a regulator built into the battery, underneath the wrapping) so they won't go frying anything.
  • Good Battery for the Price

    posted by Littletip

    Good price for the battery. I used six to replace the aged cells in my laptop battery pack several months ago and now it still working fine. Under my laptop working conditions the actual capacity is around 1600-1800mAH. Although much lower than the claimed 2500mAH, it still good enough for that price.
    The claimed capacity is much overstated. It is better to tell the customer the actual capacity. It does more harm than good to the manufacturer when the capacity is overstated, and customer's trustness to the brandname is jeopardized.
    Good battery for the price.

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