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battery 3.7v 2500mah

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battery 3.7v 2500mah Customers Reviews

  • Good replacement cells for laptop battery packs

    posted by nnodstrum

    These seem to be nice high capacity Lion cells. Although it says they are protected, there seemed to be some debate as to whether this is actually the case. I couldn't see any PCB under the cap so I am assuming they are not.They are a great replacement if you're rebuilding a battery pack for a laptop.
    I bought these as part of a project to rebuild my Dell 600m 6-cell 53mW battery pack. I was getting less than an hour of usage out of it after over three years of use and the orange warning light was blinking which was quite annoying. I opened the battery pack and removed the old cells (requires some expertise), keeping care to leave the metal connectors intact. Some solder was applied to each terminal of the new cells (be careful not to overheat them!) and the battery pack was rebuilt. Getting everything to fit back into the plastic housing was a bit of a pain, and it ended up not fitting very well. A bit of fiddling and I finally got it to fit into the computer. The result was a success, now getting more than two hours and climbing. The battery pack has memory (on an EEPROM somewhere) so it seems to take several full charge-discharge cycles before it's as good as new.
    Good general purpose cells.
  • Cheap but not cheap

    posted by Fenki

    This batteries have a cheap price - but no cheap quality. I'd say it's "standard / medium quality": according to the price.I picked one cell and discharged it with about 3 amps, twice a day for three weeks - and there's no capacity drop until now.
    SKU 13820 (round AC plug; different SKU for same charger with flat plugs is avaliable) is a good charger for this battery and charges one or two at a time, even if they have different charging levels when inserted.
  • As good as original batteries

    posted by chao5

    Fits nicely in a Galaxy Note I phone. Battery capacity is better than the original that was used for about 1 year.Does not get overly hot when charging and using.Capacity should be close to what is stated. (Unable to measure though)Reasonably priced.Professionally packed.
    Buy this is you need a decent replacement battery for your Galaxy Note I that is close to the original. Get this without bursting your budget.
    One of the reliable option for replacement battery with the stated capacity.
  • Cheap all in one

    posted by milandv

    Cheap, well fitting case + protector screens.battery is well working and perfect as second one for the battery-eating S3. battery fits as it should be, so does the backcase. It protects the phone when it fals or is in your pocket + it looks nice
    this site is the best plays to make this kind of deals. if you are a patient person.
    this packags is awesome after buying the phone, no need to spend a lot of money for the case & cover
  • excellent

    posted by Leodahsan

    - very good for flashlights, lasers and all that uses a 18650 cell :) - usable for notebook substitute. - I expect they are durable :D - (branded) - Cheap for the quality. - the protected version of this battery can be found here: sku.5776
    didn't test capacity.Lithium polymer chemical. don't discharge above 2.75v else the cell will die. Only use chargers that go up to 4.2v :) I recommend this one: sku.3499I have it and it does the trick very well. :)
    very good for flashlights and so.Deal class: EXTREME (5/5)!


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