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batteries 20 pack

The batteries 20 pack your looking for is one of our top sellers. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Of course, you can find them from panasonic battery pack, laptop battery pack. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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batteries 20 pack Customers Reviews

  • Great quality batteries for an excellent price

    posted by tazeux

    Really good AG13/LR44 alkaline cells, ALL of the 20 cells came with 1.55-1.58 charge, i tested them with multimeter. The price is outstanding, cells are good quality, no visible dents or anything. Easy to take the cells out of the package. The package has some instructions on the rear, also says no Pb and Hg.
    Very good price for the 20 pack, you get a lot of batteries so you don't run out of them quickly.
    Probably the best of this type here on DX, get them if you need some, the price is very good. They have a fairly wide field of use in various appliances.
  • Low quality batteries

    posted by rovni

    Cheap, good manufacturing, hermetically packed
    The 20 pack means, that you get 20 AAA batteries packed by two. So you get 10 "sheets" each containing 2 of them.When I opened one "sheet" and I used them together, then one of them run out of its charge very fast while the other still kept its 1.5V. I don't know what is about with the others, but in this case it was expensive.It is better to buy a rechargeable one. However, the rechargeables have only 1.2 or maximum 1.3V charge as I realised on the net.
    I do not recommend.
  • Very cheap!

    posted by SilverShadowPT

    Extremely cheap! Around here one single battery costs around €2, this is a 20-pack for a lot less! The package is good since it keeps the batteries separated.
    Well, they are cheap so even if they last only half as long as a Maxell or Renata battery, they are still worth it! Also great if you work with watch repairs and need cheap batteries for replacing.
    Need AG8 batteries? Buy them. You cant go wrong with a 20-pack this cheap!
  • perfect rpoduct, very very cheap

    posted by zavadsky

    Durable, very cheap, go very fine in the watch, good quality and good material. Work long time (I bought it before)
    Very cheap, good product, for your watch it is very good and go fine, the product is the same that in the image, I will buy another when i need, thank deal extreme¡¡¡
    Good quality,, very cheap, durable, go fine, i recommende you, buy it before there isn,t, it a great ofer, i like this product

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