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  • Believe it or not, it actually works! How well though? :S

    posted by VinnyMac316

    This product does what it says! It's a plain back hat, so you don't have to worry about little logos from companies you don't really know being plastered all over it.There are no switches or batteries required (its got solar cells!), just put the cap on and go!
    Since there isn't a strong airflow, it doesn't really make it practical to wear. When I ordered this, I assumed this would be the case and still purchased it because it makes a great novelty gift. :)
    If its hot out, you probably don't want to wear a black hat anyway. The fan is a neat gimmick.
  • Great gift!

    posted by Gih0101

    First of all: it's beautiful, the material has a good quality and the price is okay... Not great, but okay, it's still worth buying the product.It came very well packed, as all DX products always do. It was in a perfect state and not at all crumpled or stained or any other problem. I gave it as a gift for a friend of mine, and it fitted perfectly. He loved it, and uses almost everyday!!
    Great product, for your own use or for gifting someone!
    Worth buying! Good quality.
  • Panda Fun!

    posted by JupitersStars

    Hat is super cute and plush. The little ears are adorable, first time i wore it a ton of people were like " I love your hat!!"The colours are vibrant and fun.
    If you like cute things, and baseball caps then i strongly recommend getting it!! just remember the it is a little bit larger then you might expect.
    If you think its cute, then get it!! would probably make a great gift for a panda lover.
  • interesting purchase

    posted by borusic1

    rather unusual purchase. interesting look. color is good, bright. by weight, does not differ from the usual. material form is not spoiled
    how much will last - question. need a lot of light
    until satisfied. size-fits. visor does not look great
  • Cool Toy, Not Really Practical

    posted by ChapmanFok

    -There's a fan on the hat. What's not to like about that?-The strap is velcro, which I prefer over the traditional clicky button things that wear out over time.-Solar powered, no need to replace battery.
    Niche market due to its cons.
    No point getting it. The breeze generated is insignificant. And it only runs in direct sunlight meaning you're getting beatened by the sun to run that fan. The opening doesnt provide shade either.If you're back is against the sun and must be out in the open, then I guess it's ok. Other than that, I dont see any other use for it.

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