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baofeng dual Customers Reviews

  • Excellent walkie talkie

    posted by kmaks

    Powerful walkie talkie with great functionality. It allows you to transmit and receive your voice in 2 bands UHF 400-480 Mhz and VHF 136-175 Mhz and listen commercial radio from 65 to 108 MHz. Excellent build quality. Very loud speaker. Good sensitivity and transmit power. Working time more than 20 hours with speaker (commercial radio listening).
    It would be nice to have in package included data cable to connect walkie talkie with my PC.
    Great device for low price. If you looking for professional level walkie talkie, I recommend it for you.
  • High quality product

    posted by Ferol

    UV-B6 very high quality product from Baofeng.The manual is in OK english and covers most of the basics. The unit is designed for a worldwide market.Charger is (AC 220V / 110cm) has US plug on it (2-flat-pin), with a US to UK adapter.Walkie comes with a earphone, though it is not in the list of delivery.The belt clip on radio have extra firm springs. The station can be programmed using the computer (the programm can be downloaded from the Baofeng website) through a USB programming cable, that can be bought on the DX website, SKU: 123063.Programming the radio with the Baofeng software is free, when you load the software in from the site it is defaulted to Chinese.Maximum frequency deviation (Wide/Narrow Band) <5KHz(W), <2.5KHz(N)Receiver sensitivity <0.20 µ V (12dB SINAD)When working through a repeater communication distance is increased to 20 miles.
    I would like to UCB programming cable was on the list of delivery.
    I also want to buy an additional battery of Baofeng manufacturer, from DX.
  • nice dual band walkie talkie

    posted by Fir3Storm

    very good price for a dual band walkie talkie, easy to use small size for the specifications of the radio.is a very good product for a PMR radio, come also with hands free. I bought also a programming cable (sku 66578) and using a program I can set properly the frecvencys. In my country to be legal need to set a maxim 0.5 Wat power. Also antenna is detachable. Key borad is nice an fell ok when use it looks profy.
    sound is good
    radio is nice add for the walkie talkie
  • Better with Repeaters

    posted by kurtismccartney

    Great dual-band HT with great battery life for such a tiny radio. Go with one of the bright coloured ones like red or yellow - these things are about as tall as the old 1970s rigs were wide.
    The USB charger is super handy to have around for other devices as well. Was able to install the HT in a car using a 12v to USB adapter.
    Great radio for a city-wide repeater system.
  • Great radio

    posted by tyburny

    A good choice for the beginners in amateur radio due to its simplicity and low cost.because of its low cost since this machine does not work anymore it is not necessary to repair despair simply buy a new one that is cheaper than repair. The battery lasts a long time also bought a data cable to program the easiest frequencies and memories.
    With the data cable just left the band UHF and VHF hamradio to facilitate the search for the scanner
    If you're still in doubt which radio buy, this is a good option, just search the web


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