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  • Nice Gadget works like it suposed to

    posted by nfuse

    nice gadget, easy to program, just put a cheap prepay sim card in and it works. it is small and this device is easy to carry around i bought it for my son to monitor his movements, and find hem when it is nessecary
    a little more information like make and model would be nice i found this tracker under 2 different name's pt-20 and CVHS-G42-EU
    nice gadget works like it supposed to, and the price is not to much compared to losing your child :)
  • Does what it says at a good price and ok quality

    posted by vanDrunen

    Just pop in a sim-card (that is not locked with a pincode) and turn it on. Within seconds it will have a GPS fix and GSM connection and you're ready to go.Call the tracker's phonenumber (without hiding your caller-id of course) and let it "ring" a few times untill you get the busy signal. A few seconds later it will send an SMS back to the caller with the GPS coordinates.It has three buttons that can be used to send coordinates and/or make a phone call to pre-programmed phone numbers. With the headset you can actually make calls with "ok" sound quality. Ideal for kids or emergencies.

    With coordinates via SMS'es tracking is near "live", but with GPRS it can be really live at a much lower cost.

    GPS reception is really good. When you're inside you only have to stand close to the window for about 10 seconds and the device has a fix. If you don't have armored concrete ceilings or live in a metal cage you'll even have good reception inside.

    Overall build-quality is good (sturdy casing)
    It shouldn't be too hard to configure a webserver to receive the GRPS data from the tracker and use it to display the location on google-maps or google-earth.

    Mine came with an "american" USB power adapter instead of the displayed "european" adapter.

    There was no manual, I downloaded mine from the manufacturer's website:

    When I get GPRS to communicate with my own webserver and can plot maps, I'll send one of these with extra batteries by mail to a friend in Australia... just to see where it went.
    If you want your kid(s) to be able to call home without giving them a cell-phone you could give them this. They'll only be able to call up to three pre-programmed numbers and you'll be able to track their location.

    If you want to protect cars, trucks, cargo or anything else from theft you could hide one of these (and wire it to a bigger power source).
  • Good tracker

    posted by alcartur

    - Installation it's not that hard;- building looks solid;- Vibration alert works perfectly, so if someone find a way to disable the car alarm, I'll still receive sms form the tracker, pointing the exact location of my vehicle;- Coordinates you will get by sms are very precise.
    - This is a good device, but the lack of information will not allow you to enjoy the full capacity of the tracker.
    - The device add safety to my car, every night i set the protection mode and can sleep in peace.
  • Just GPS tracker, nothing more. OBD just for power

    posted by onekit

    Device works perfectly for such low price. After setup it, I know how much I spend for fuel.
    Recomendations to manufacturer for next versions: 1. Must have USB interface for settings.2. Add posibility to read fuel lefts from OBD.3. Add update frequency as low as 3-5 sec.
    This is most cheap OBD gps tracker.

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