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banana plug cable

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banana plug cable Customers Reviews

  • Poorly made

    posted by comicbookguy

    InexpensiveAll the same size
    This design are normally good plugs for plugging wires and devices into appropriate outlets like speakers and power supplies. The idea is you can plug another device into the plug occupying the socket, and duplicate the power output or whatever. In this case the hole is way too small to fit additional plugs into the hole, making it suitable for only one plug to be connected at a time.
    Does not really provide the function promised in this design, only really useful as a single connector. There are many single-use plugs to choose from, this one does not provide any benefit over those.
  • Fine works, great product, good quality

    posted by TuxPalm

    Good quality, easy to remove the rubber in case of failure.
    Maybe a pack of 10 units could be better, with a similar price or 2$
    No additional comments
  • Amazing quality

    posted by zverdiman

    Amazing qualitySoft cablelong cable
    As a whole very much it was pleasant. Cable soft that is very pleasant. It has length of a cable comparable with standard Multimeter Test Leads. The crocodile is accurately fixed.
    Must haveIf there will be any problems them easily to solve!
  • Well built, but poor current handling

    posted by ehud42

    Well built wires. Insulation is quality. Plugs have good connection. Clips are strong. 5 pack means plenty to share. (I only needed 2 or 3 pair.) Works great with skus 133094,133099,133100 & 134119.
    I use these with custom built bench power supplies. Open ATX power supply, cut all wires back to inside case, connect PSU-On to ground (or through toggle switch), mount 20W 25 ohm resistor between ground & +5V. Use skus 133094, 133099, 133100 & 134119 to expose +12V, Gnd, +5V and +3.3V busses.
    Next time I would look for wires with heavier gauge to handle more current.
  • Small size, quality good

    posted by Crispy79

    Good quality build, as shown in pictures, good color combination.
    They might be smaller than you would think, as they are not the standard 4mm banana plug size but (as mentioned in the article text) 2mm.
    If 2mm banana plug is the size you need, those wires are a good choice. If you need them in combination with regular 4mm banana plugs, they're not useful. For something called "banana plug", according to Wikipedia, 4mm is the standard size, not 2mm (but they also say, that not all banana plugs are 4mm). So you do get what you expect.


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