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bamboo soft Customers Reviews

  • Soft and really nice touch

    posted by aibarz

    Really nice touch feeling, soft and you don't need to use softener / fabric enhancer to keep it. Useful to clean glasses/goggles, tablets, cellphones and monitor screens. Usable at bathroom as normal towel
    Not sure if really made of Bamboo Fibers. I don't have a microscope or experience to reconize it or disguise those fibers. Alfter hot clean it maintains softness
    After some time it has some fluff. Not usable to clean some lenses.
  • good beginner's Dizi

    posted by jackmiles

    Inexpensive, well constructed, fairly well tuned (easily tweaked w X-Acto blade). Tuneable. Loud. Full 2 octaves, maybe even 2 1/2 after some woodshedding?
    So much fun! The added resonance of a well-wrinkled dimo makes for some interesting effects, though it is a little more difficult to play than most transverse flutes. Google "dizi" and "dimo" to figure out how to attach the membrane. IMPORTANT NOTE: Chinese assign their keys a little differently...instead of all holes closed, they take the note it plays when the top three holes are closed! Westerners would call this "G" flute a (high) "D" flute, basically replicating the range of the most popular key of Irish tin whistle. Two and a half step difference. Likewise: "F" = C, and "E" = B.
    If you already play flute, at this price...you really have no excuse to not pick one up! If you're comping, "G" (D) is a good key to own and you should definitely buy this version over the one-piece, non-tuneable flute.Great start on your instrument selection, DX! But why only carry G, E, and F? Why no larger dizis in C and D (western G and A), as they are readily available elsewhere? How about offering a full set of 5 (C, D, E, F, and G) in a hard case...you'd probably see a lot fewer RMAs and returns from shipping damage!Need to also offer Xiao, bau, sheng, xun and other totally 'exotic' yet affordable and high quality Chinese wind instruments. Drums too, please, maybe some bamboo whistles...
  • Great flute overall, hard to play

    posted by angelams

    This flute is very beautiful, with a real chinese look and is made of sturdy bamboo with a resin in it that makes it shine a little bit. The sound is very nice to hear and once you get used to it, it is very addicting.
    Only 6 holes to put fingers, the others seem to be useless, I've tested them and there's no sound difference if you block them
    Great flute overall, worth buying it

    posted by DiFaria

    GREAT... i´m a musician and i play guitar, it´s my first flute. It´s a bit different from the others but the sound is great. comes with the Dimo Membrane. The dimo membrane is used to cover up the mokong hole and provides a unique sound.
    the higher the key the dizi, the harder you have to blow to hit the high notes. Something like a Key of E dizi may be the easiest to play for several people, because the finger holes are not too spread apart, and the high notes are also not too hard to hit.
    if you loves music just buy. the sound has a unique timbre that reminds immediately the oriental songs...
  • Great Flute!

    posted by TaskForce141

    Really high quality flute-similar models sell for $70 online. The red painted thread bindings make it a durable and long lasting flute. Cow bone caps at the ends helps to project its resonance further. Great sounding flute, looks good and has a high quality feel to it. Surely you cant ask or more for this price.
    Just to note that if you dont have any erjiao to glue your dimo, you can cut a garlic clove in half, apply some of the garlic juice around the mokong hole to act as an alternative way to glue your dimo.
    Buy it, you will not regret it!

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