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  • genuine leather pick holder

    posted by rockerrick

    great way to organize your guitar picks, way better then reaching into your wallet or purse.holds a good amount of picks id say around 7-10VERY VERY DURABLE i love that about the item
    id recommend to gets some and give them to your friends who play guitar.
    the bottom line is that they're great for the price you pay i love having the pics well organized and ready to pick up and play. you will have to see for yourself and get some.
  • Nice Backpack

    posted by upgrayedd

    The one i got is proving to be a very tough little bag, ive taken it camping/hunting/fishing and used it just for general things. I've managed to fit enough cloths in its largest pocket to last for 4 days and walked through the scrub with a 15kg swag strapped to it and its easily survived it all. the material is pretty tough and its got enough pockets on it to hold all your gadgets
    even though its not huge, its big enough
    great cheap bag, my friends are jealous, especially of the price
  • Nive for traveling!

    posted by lucasmx

    I bought this bag because i could not stand anymore to walk with my pockets full of gadgets and items when i was traveling. I love this bag because its the perfect size for pocket stuff, like my iphone, house keys, cigarretes, lighters, money, wallet, sound cables, candys and etc. Quality IS VERY GOOD, very strong material, and the cord to close is great! It has a space for a belt too, if you want to use it in your beld
    Worth every pinny and i will bought two more now
    Buy it, you will like!
  • I had never touched an Ukekele and decided to try for its price, with bag i

    posted by FJAC2003

    The finish is great for something with this value.Very good finish waxed wood.I have big hands but the distance between the strings do not affect the performance.Sustains the tunes well after a half hour playing.The bag is an another item well finished.
    My English is almost the google translator and I apoligise for this, but I found myself compelled to comment, due to first review of this great instrument.
    Exactly as stated in the notice.Congratulations to the manufacturer. I'm very satisfied for your product.
  • Usefull and cheap

    posted by israesteinmetz

    - You can put more or less 10 picks inside.- Very good to carry with the keys.- Good material.- Very pratical.- You will never miss your picks again.- Play the guitar whatever you be.
    there is nothing else to say, i really liked this bag and i'm using it everyday. it's very resistent to water, sun, cold, sand and i never lost a pick anymore.
    Worth it, buy it. Really.

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