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bag waterproof outdoor

Check out the great bag waterproof outdoor to see if there is any that suits you. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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bag waterproof outdoor Customers Reviews

  • Awsome!

    posted by daemon2007

    Small so check sizes, strong material + well made and ..yes waterproof (at normal use). Even my seven year old son loves it..
    The price is not in balance with the product, lets be honnest..it costs a few cents on material and producing by the thounds most likely which makes this part cheap.So I am sure if the price drops a buck or two then sales could triple.
    Awsome item believe me, but a buck less would harm no one.
  • Exceeds expectation

    posted by kenazansuz

    Lightweight waterproof material. Placed stuff in the bag, rolled the ends and snapped the buckle and you have yourself a dry hand bag. I tried to squeeze out the air that was trapped inside but it never did. This just goes to show that it is indeed waterproof.
    I really wish they have a wider version of this dry bag. I would definitely would buy that.
    I have no regrets getting this dry bag as the quality of the build is really well worth it.
  • BackPack for daytrips

    posted by webra

    Used it as a BackPack for daytrips while walking in the mountains.While moving to new campsites it was used as a stuffbag for the sleepingbag.The quality of the lining is good.The straps that reduces the volume performed well.The strap to fasten long equipment on the outside performed well.The pockets (two in the lid and two on the sides) where very useful. I carried: Fishing gear, cooking equipment, rainwear without any problems.The BackPack was almost watertight.The price is very good. The ability to stuff the BackPack in it's own pocket (the pocket in the lid) will become useful.
    I will make a small piece from a sleeping pad to put in the pocket close to my back. It will make it softer for my back when carrying cooking equipment.I think it will be useful while hunting in the autumn.
    I recommend this BackPack!!
  • Godd small waterproof bag

    posted by Lashman

    - Made of very good material.- The right size for you carry small belongings.- Nice vivid orange color. Easy to find even in the water- Floats if You don't put too heavy objects in it.- Good seal.- Very easy to use.- Small size so You can carry anywhere.
    This is perfect for carrying my small stuff, like wallet, cellphone and money while I travel by boat. Can be used with salt water too!
    Want to protect your stuff from water? This may be the solution.
  • Great value and size

    posted by marktay1988

    Great price for a waterproof bag. It's of a good size and can fit quite a lot of things. The material is waterproof. I tested it by spraying water on it - water droplets fall off it easily.
    The buckle feels sturdy and closes well. I haven't tossed the bag into the sea but it feels really waterproof with the inner lining well sealed.
    This will be a great bag to bring on hiking or camping trips as it will be able to protect your electronic items and other hydrophobic belongings.

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