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  • Very good, inexpensive

    posted by rikumal

    Firm case for small cameras. Zipper works very good, material inside the case wont hurt your camera and overall quality is very good considering the price.
    Clip that comes with the camera can also be useful if you want to just hang your camera from somewhere for easy access.
    Perfect case for small pocket size camera.
  • Useful pocket bag

    posted by fidoboy

    - It has a useful hook so you can attach the bag to your camera or other places- Can hold two filters- Fits lenses until 72mm diameter- The material is soft enough to keep your filters safe and away from dust and scratches
    It's no so expensive, so if you want to carry your filters with you, it's a good bag to do it
    Be sure that your filter is 72mm or less, if it's bigger it will not fit into the bag
  • very strong and usefull

    posted by p12i

    Very large and strongIt's 10 cm large, you can close big bags or other things.The structure is in plastic but the springs are made with steel.The clamp is made with a rubber gasket and it insures a better sealing.It's possible to fold the support edges
    There are holes in the support and you can catch something to suspend it with a hook. You can also range it with a hook. For example, you can also suspend papers or posters on the wall. It easly support 1 kg (2,68 pound)
    Little thing but very usefull to close quickly a lot of bags with a maximum of security !
  • Cool bag

    posted by coozoo

    Cool bag and cheap.
    Very good quality for this price.
    Bag of two part one with zipper another one covered by ear with Velcro.
    Both part are soft inside.
    Zipper part with three small soft pouch inside. One is a bigger not big battery could be fitted inside or Cleaning Cloths, two another are good for some memory cards or one Cleaning Cloth.
    From back side Velcro holder not for a thick base.
    Carabiner clip with plastic holder on bag.
    For example my ASUS A696 PDA with double battery fitted free inside both part.
    Small pouches inside would be better with small Velcro for the safe inner things keep inside, but even in case when inner things could leave out pouches it will not be more far than zipper :).
    Part that covered with the ear with Velcro IMHO is not safe for your device, because top corners of your device will not be covered, Small things could leave out, so it will be good for holding good wallet ).
    IMHO Back Velcro holders are not able hold bag during extreme riding (I will try)
    Good bag
  • Simple but smart

    posted by Aretzkee

    - very simple device- attaches smoothly and sits firmly on the thashbin edge- keeps foil bag inside the trashbin firmly, preventing from slipping inside with wastes- fits at trashbins with quite thick, bent outside edge
    It is one of this simple things which you sometimes don't know they exist and when you apply it, you thinks how it is possible that such simple piece of plastic makes life a little easier
    I've been using metal office spring clips for thick piles of paper to attach the bag to the trash bucket handles but this smart clips are much more convenient.

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