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backlit lcd Customers Reviews

  • Very good tuner

    posted by gugaramone

    This tuner works like every chromatic tuner should. Just clip it to the headstock of the instrument, turn it on and it is ready to go. Simple and easy to operate, fast enough for my needs. Have been using it with my electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass (tuned down to C#) and ukulele, all without any issues.
    Using it for only one week, still don't know about the battery drain.
    If you need a simple and small chromatic tuner, go for it.
  • It works!

    posted by chungml

    Small, Accurate, easily clip on to the Erhu instrument. LED screen will turn green when the tuning is correct. It is a chromatic tuner plus specially tailor for Erhu, PIPA & Guqin. Package come in good shape, no bent or damage at all.
    I will purchase from other online retailer who offer free or low cost airmail shipping if I want my stuff comes in quick.
    I will purchase from DX, if the price is competitive and I don't need the product quick, otherwise I will look somewhere else.
  • Great Price, Great Screen!

    posted by Mook

    Got a good screen, no dead pixels or hot spots at all! Was quite nervous never took a PSP apart, though after watching a bunch of videos decided to give it a shot. Was actually rather easy to replace. Only problem is keeping your fingers off the screen when trying to move it around inside the case to get it positioned properly. If I ever have to do it again, I will wear latex gloves.
    The price was amazing, and I am now ordering one for the messed up 1000 phat to replace that screen also! Make sure you watch some videos if you've never replaced a screen. They will help you!
    If you're screen isn't what you want, it's dark or too light or you've got a lot of bad pixels, Get it! it's not that hard to replace if you've got a little patience and some general knowledge on how to take things apart. Just take your time and keep pausing that video you're watching while you do it!
  • excellent product

    posted by Fede777

    - perfect tunning
    - works great with my acoustic guitar and with my charango (argentine typical instrument)
    - comes with a battery that acctually works!
    - it came in three weeks, the average time for deliveries to argentina
    - excellent product! go and buy it! you can't find any better for that price
  • Good Clock

    posted by rafaach

    - Easiest to setup
    - It seems that it should not consume too much battery
    - The volume of the alarm is loud and clear.
    - The design is very modern
    - Compact.
    Good and cheap clock.
    The Price is good, the battery seems to last long.
    - I think has space in the screen to put date and time, and time can be 24hr to.
    - Switable to nightstand.
    - The backlight has brightness adjust .
    - The alarm is loud and clear.
    - Recommended for nightstand.

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