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  • Decent

    posted by trazomfreak

    -Good Price.
    -Does what it needs to do.
    -Protects my screen/iPad back from scratches.
    -Does not hinder the touch/screen.
    -I would recommend ordering this a a cheap option to protect both the front AND back of your iPad from scratches.
    -I would recommend ordering this ALONG with ordering an iPad case...that way when they arrive together, you won't receive yours bent. It will arrive flat with no bends to it. Once I saw that they shipped it like that to other people, then I simply ordered a iPad case/backing with it to eliminate them shipping like that to me.
    It is difficult to place without the lint catching between the film and screen, resulting in bubbles. It took me a good 20 minutes of applying and reapplying. If I saw large lint, I simply removed a bit, used clear tape to remove it and used a credit card to flat it out.
    Good luck!
  • Awesome case protector

    posted by kemwek

    Super Slim: Adds almost no bulk to the phone.Looks great: It's a nice and simple design, with a matte finish for those who like an elegant and stylish look like me.Snug fit: It really easy to install and fits perfectly to the phone.
    Leaves the buttons exposed: For me this is a good thing since most of the protective cases I've tried before either makes pressing the buttons too hard or too soft.I have a black galaxy s2 and it looks great with the red case.
    This is a must, it's the best case I've bought so far in terms of design and comfort and for the same price as the other cases I feel it's a great buy.
  • works as promised

    posted by firenick

    It works well, covers both side of my IPhone 4, great phone. It even comes with a cloth, allows me to clean my screen before applying my screen protector and continues to serve its function of cleaning the screen protector after pasting on my phone. It works covering my phone's naked skin.
    Buy it before it runs out, IPhone 5S/6 is on the way.. Hope DX still supports IPhone 4 accessories for the longest time.
    Just buy it, it is better to have a spare screen protector than not having one, when you need it. Doesn't cost much, it is cheap.
  • Excellent case. Looks great, nice texture, fits snugly.

    posted by heythisisgandhi

    It's unobtrusive, adding a bit of solidity to the One X without feeling bulky.That being said, the case seems to protect the device, reducing the chance of scratches on the rear camera, protecting the corners, etc. A drop perfectly on the face of the phone still won't be helped much, but it's a startThe texture is nice. Almost feels like a textured ceramic though it's obviously made of plastic. It's not rubbery at all.Looks classy. Doesn't look cheap.Fits nicely on the phone without blocking any ports. Plenty of room for cables and connections. No noticeable drop in reception or echoes which are sometimes plagued by other cases.
    I'd love more color options, if I could be assured that the material was of similar quality.
    I think it's a great case for the price and did exactly what I needed it to: Provide protection from most scratches and falls, without making the phone feel like a tank.
  • Good Product for my purpose

    posted by rsmacaalay

    This screen protector is really good specially when you have a while galaxy note 2 with a cracked screen on near the edges, this thing will hide it and you will not notice it. Has a matte finish which is good in repelling fingerprint marks
    If the material could just be a bit thicker so it can be easily placed but having said that the phone will become thicker as well so its a balance. I can still put my phone on the case I bought here on Deal Extreme
    Like I said if you have a cracked screen near the edges then this is good in hiding them.

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