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back case silicone samsung Customers Reviews

  • Great Casing

    posted by hamsteyr

    Great Aluminium casing that will protect your Galaxy Note 2 well. The Aluminium seems to be well cut, and so is the black Silicon.
    Good aluminium case for it's price.
    Certainly a lot more solid than buying pure TPU or PVC enclosures.
  • Awesome silicone case

    posted by zunke

    Very good build quality.It fits perfectly on the phone.Very durable (dropped few times on rough surface, there was no damage on case and phone).Cheap, great quality-to-price ratio.Doesn't interfere connection with micro USB connector at bottom.
    I'm using it over month now and I'm very pleased with this case. It's very tight and there is no way it can fall of the phone. Also, usage of buttons on phone isn't harder or more complicated.
    Great product, low price, fine quality
  • A good product for a good price

    posted by madhukriss

    A very nice snug fitting cover. The button areas are correctly aligned and requires minimal pressure to activate the side buttons ! The soft rubber insides and the hard cover outside ensure optimum protection for the phone. The colour is nice and bright and the rubber seems to be of a very high quality.
    Good buy for the price ! And the quality is also something that is worth mentioning about ! Always get an awesome deal on this website and quality is good for the money you pay.
  • Not very well made

    posted by gmassey

    Its quite bright and will appeal to younger users. The rubber on the edges will prevent the screen from getting damaged if dropped.The buttons are covered by rubber too which is not always the case and will stop them from getting scratched / damaged.
    On my one the glue around the edge was not very strong and started to come off while trying to fit the phone in the case - the pink plastic and black rubber were starting to become un-stuck. It may not make any difference once the phone is in there as the phone keeps the rubber snug against the case, but it does suggest the build quality
    Cheap and cheerful but I'd spend a little more and get one that also covers the screen.Build quality not all that it could be.
  • A very fine print; A very good price; A nice case

    posted by gabrielcadar

    A very fine print and artistic; A very good price versus quality; An overall nice case;My wife is use-it for more than 3 months and it protects the Samsung Note 2 very good; Nothing to say against
    the price was very fine; The product is Ok- so- is nothing to complaint;You may have at least 2- or 3 to change-it ( my wife use to switch those cases between- at 2-3 weeks- and she use to use different cases, colours and types)
    Nothing to say against; Good value for money;

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