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  • Auxilar dos primeiros passos!

    posted by dycariello

    A idéia do produto é ótima! Vai ajudar muito nos primeiros passos do meu bebê. O produto comprado aqui é muito bom! Muito bem feito, É almofadado, com certeza não machucará o bebê. adorei! Vem com etiquetas informativas, muito útil!
    Todo mundo deve ter um! Super prático e ótima forma de auxiliar o bebê nos seus primeiros passos. Uma ótima forma de ter contato com o seu bebê.
  • Great for the money

    posted by gosun

    I was very happily surprised by the quality of this product. It's size are so think, the foam padding is very soft, but since it's thick it provides good protection. The pieces are nicely shaped, and I was able to overlap two of them on a particularly dangerous corner of my bed (not mentioned as possible but still was, easily). The tape they provide works great, and their warnings about it and how to double-check for whether or not it might remove your particular furniture's finish were much appreciated (and well-worded, for whatever that's words). Even the neutral brown color is great, as it doesn't stand out much against the dark wood of my bed.
    If you have point end area like glass table you will need to buy this.
    The sticky glue is not strong enough but you can use any glue in your house to make it stick longer and stronger so the little kids will have a hard time pulling it off.
  • My back says THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    posted by StoianovRN

    Easy to use and comfortable for the baby. Great relief for my back. The quality is good and simple for the price. An analog costs 2 times more in the local shops, but the quality of the local analog is 5 times worse.
    Baby is happy! This is the most important. Doctors do not recommend to use it all the time, but an hour a day is enough.
    It is fun for baby and parents. I recommend it. Don't hold both handles in one hand.
  • Perfect protection for edges, especially with children

    posted by oskrki

    Perfect protection for edges, especially with children. When this protection remains placed any edge remains protected against blows. If you have small children it is perfect in order that they do not become polite before any blow.
    It is perfect for the edges of the bed, radiators (though maybe if you have a very high temperature in the radiators they could take off or create damages in the material) ... in general any edge that could be a danger or that goes or could take blows.
    As already perfect charm for whom they have small children, where any edge can be a danger, especially when they are small and begin to climb and walk.
  • Simple, Fast and Safe

    posted by sebagusi

    - Gadget is simple to install and easy to understand.- Very easy and comfortable to carry on- Safe for kids (no dangerous parts, only soft materials)- Light, resistant and easyly washable
    It's very smart and useful gadget for parents who travels a lots, like restaurants or just prefers small handling gadgets.
    It's 100% recommended.If you're a parent, tou should have one of these.If you're not, it's the perfect present for your friends or relatives

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