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b22 bulb Customers Reviews

  • And interesting lamp

    posted by peterin78

    It´s have a low price and the connector it´s rare and dificult for looking at. This connector it´s very interesting for some lamps. It´s get a good light very shine and it´s not look like a candle. The price it´s correct.
    A good package but the sending it´s a bit slow.
    An interesting purchase
  • Amazing for the money.. but sightly strange design..

    posted by Jemmauk

    As bright as daylight. The only difference between the two is that one is a whiter light than the other. They're honestly that bright. Another advantage is the fact theres a lot of little LEDS means that the bulb doesnt glare. Doesnt seem to get hot at all. The design is odd - it seems that the bulb consists of separate LED array panels and a round one at the bottom in a frame with something inside connecting them up. Be aware that whatever this is (a transformer?) it is not attached to anything - handle the bulbs gently.
    These bulbs are able to illuminate a room entire that I had problems with using three CFLs because of the way the lighting is arranged. I can't recommend enough..
    The only drawback with these is their size - and in the majority of cases that wont be an issue. The price works out at just under £12. This may seem steep but look at it this way. I bought a bulb from DX (admittedly a different model LED) in Oct 2010 for my bathroom light - and it finally died in march 2013 - after a house move and a year at the new place working perfectly. When you look at it that way £12 for a bulb doesn't seem that bad.Heartily recommended!
  • Works perfectly. Small and bright.

    posted by Sinep

    The light diffusing material makes the bulb less of an eyesore in both the literal and metaphorical sense.It has lower power consumption than incandescent and CFL bulbs.This is only slightly dimmer than any standard incandescent or CFL bulb so it is a great drop in replacement for either.The design is clean and simple and the bulb does not protrude far from the socket.The bulb stays cool so it's safe to handle immediately after switching off.
    LED bulbs are meant to have a lifespan of more than 3 times CFL bulbs and I look forward to testing this.
    I will be buying more of these.Well worth the cost for the lifespan and reduced power consumption.
  • Works well, but is not warm white

    posted by Cluster2k

    Instant turn on. Decent light output that appears to match its claimed 240 lumen output when compared to CFLs of a similar rating. Well constructed and doesn't feel cheap but comes in a plain box with no information, not even a power or lumen rating. The LEDs are exposed to the environment so this light bulb wouldn't be suitable for humaid areas. Quite a wide angle of light output for this form factor.
    A worthy buy for the price.
  • Nice bright modern looking light

    posted by conorkeating

    Nice bright light.Very competitive price.Cheap and dimmable.Same size as normal bulbs.No glass.
    Everybody should be making the move to LED replacements, these are a good way to go. They represent great value for what I would consider a comparable replacement to 100w incandescent bulbs.
    Buy them if considering reducing electricity costs. They are not the most efficient (9w) but for those extra watts, you get a lot more light.Bear in mind that the light really is quite blue/white so I personally would recommend using them in any modern looking room.

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