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  • Camera quality is average

    posted by OtavioR

    Price;Usage facility;Good accessories to hold the camera in helmet.The camera has a good focus, even moving the focus adjusts quickly.
    If you need cheap camera to record simple movies in your ride, this is a good choice. It's a good option to record your ride in bike or skate.
    Medium quality camera and again a good service. in delivery. Although some points against, this camera is worth.
  • Perfect condition, great quality! Works as a charm.

    posted by Drunx

    Relatively good price. Almost plug-n-play, meaning that it's ready to use, don't need to do anything special.
    No other thoughts.
    Money well spent! If you need one and price works for you, do not hesitate about the quality of it - it's good!
  • 24! more like a 100!

    posted by Zeroproto0

    This camera takes great video and is perfect for youtube thats what I use it for. Small and light it haleps if you get tired easily while carrying cameras. This camera is great for children its video is great so they can enjoy taking videos of their house and life and stuff.AV out =)
    It would be nice if it had some built in memory, and if it was in the other warehouses.
    Get this camera for a gift, for yourself, or for youtube =) Great buy!
  • Great value for money

    posted by bentwy

    - Much improved display from the Wii- Good cable length. Your Wii does not need to be close to the television set- The cable is not too stiff - The various channels are clearly labeled- The connector on the Wii side is well constructed and slides in easily
    You will only get video output if the green plus is actually connected to the green input on your TV set. I had initially swapped blue and green and got no video output
    This cable is good value for money.
  • Great toy for young children

    posted by breitb72

    Great price and reasonably good action video capture. It seems to be very durable. Lots of attachments to connect it to helmets, bikes, skateboards, etc.
    My kids loved using this camera. They dropped it and bumped it and it kept on working. They made some good action videos. Too bad we couldn't get the date and time stamp to turn off. I couldn't find it in the manual. I have had a lot of experience at reading Chinese translated to English. This one was one of the more challenging manuals to read.
    Very good price as a toy for young children or teens. If you are a serious action video enthusiast, you may want to pay a little more money and get more features.

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