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  • Good Robot Model 699B. It's great. I agree. Really effective.

    posted by Nicotk

    Bring English user manualStart time programmable cleaning.Efficient Cleaning.Wet mop for deep cleaning small particles.Container (dustbin) easy to remove and clean.Remote ControlDetects major steps to 8cm and don´t falls.LCD display with current time. Display with backlight allowing be programmed in dark.Alarm showing with numerical codes.The battery is easily replaceable because of its format and common type connector.
    Cleaning can be started and stopped manually (using remote control or the buttons on the device).The start of cleaning can also be scheduled at a specific time, with two options: only once or every day.It has three logical navigation mode: Automatic, spiral (spot) and wall-following.Automatic: sequentially combines random bounce, spiral mode and wall-following, achieving a high efficiency of coverage. Approximate cleaning time: 1 hour.Spiral: Describes an apparent spiral, actually are increasing size circles with a common point. Useful for localized cleaning. Cleaning time: no more than 10 minutes.Tracking walls: The vacuum goes left (where it has the side brush) to find a wall which runs parallel. If it encounters an obstacle surrounding it. Effective for cleaning the edges of the room.
    The key of robot vacuum cleaners is not power, but the design; the combination of the navigation system and the system of brushes. This model is within the acceptable limits.The only difference thing with the superior model (799,899) is that it hasn´t UV lamp and the battery has less autonomy, 1 hour to 1.5 (but enough and is easily replaceable with a larger autonomy one)
  • recomended

    posted by buybuyyesyes

    looks great. kinda looks cool on the desktop.so no need to hide it, and it is always reachable.handy to keep your desk clean, because if you should have needed to get a wipes or some other way to pick up those small chunks of unknown stuff, you would have been too lazy.
    don't expect it to clean dust, or bright clean your room. It good only to pick up little chunks of unknown ufo stuff you always find resting on your desktop, Or some cigaret tobacco.I love that specific color
    cool gadget. I would recommend to get it strait away.
  • Cute little mushroom that does the job.

    posted by tempo4me

    Great small vacuum.Powerful enough to clean the desk.Cute.Battery operated.
    None. None. None. None.None. None. None. None.None. None. None. None.None. None. None. None.None. None. None. None.None. None. None. None.Just trying to fulfill the 500 words.
    Buy if you need a small vacuum cleaner for your desk. This is much better than those USB vacuum cleaners. At least it managed to vacuum everything that's dirt on my desk.

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