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auto repair Customers Reviews

  • Good paint

    posted by Rukas

    It's really good thing. I am working with car repair, and had couple similar bought locally. Price was higher locally. Its really good that it has two variants of painting ends - brush and pencil.
    With two variants of painting ends - brush and pencil you can paint more places where bigger scratch you can use brush but if there just small point of lost paint as example from stones you can use pencil end.
    It would be really nice to buy even empty bottles. In my city there is possibility to get paint by the colour of car.
  • Handy pen

    posted by ff3796a1

    Very easy to use. Dries quickly. Vanishes scratches nicely. Very cheap, in here from store these costs about 4-5 times more. Works like it is supposed to. Comes with extra tip
    Good "marker" to have in glove departmen. Size is big enough to repair a lot of scratches. Remember to pump the tip couple of times before use.
    This pen is amazing
  • Read it before you buy it

    posted by PIDGE00

    It will mantle the scratches. It's very cheap and if your car has some deep scratches it helps. You can easily apply it yourself.
    The tip of the pen is kind of difficult to use... you have to press hard down and squeeze hard as well, and such manual work requires care and smoothness. The tip could be better in order to have a better final result. About the ink, i've got nothing to say. I don't know if it's truly Audi's ink, but it's definitely black.
    It'll do for a while. If the scratched area of your care is big, it won't solve the problem. I believe it'll be nice for small things, specialy in lower parts of the car, not so visible.
  • Works!

    posted by ojaneri

    * Real black automotive ink* Glossy effect
    * Dont take this product very serious if you like having your car like new. It wont repair scratches well, specially mediun/large ones.* Can be used on DIY projects or maybe repairing a R/C model.
    Perfect to repair temporarily scratches, before having money to buy a professional shop to do it right.
  • Toyota White...

    posted by Rolfegil

    I bought this to use on a white Opel (European), and it works very well on that car. Included little brush in box makes it easy to apply. Color difference is very faint and hard to spot. (And the price is nothing to be afraid of..)
    Does work well in my case.
    It seems to me that white is white when it comes to car paint, at least in this case. And this is cheaper than buying touch up paint from a dealer, Toyota or not..

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