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  • Toyota White...

    posted by Rolfegil

    I bought this to use on a white Opel (European), and it works very well on that car. Included little brush in box makes it easy to apply. Color difference is very faint and hard to spot. (And the price is nothing to be afraid of..)
    Does work well in my case.
    It seems to me that white is white when it comes to car paint, at least in this case. And this is cheaper than buying touch up paint from a dealer, Toyota or not..
  • Necessary thing with good price

    posted by Tiramisy

    Very easy to use. The paint dries quickly and does not require additional treatment after drying. Easily removed with a solvent. With deep scratches perfectly fills the entire depth of the scratch, but in this case, you must apply the paint in several layers.
    If the surface of scratched is processed from grease before painting, paint falls more evenly and dries quickly.
    Good device for this price. Necessary as for beginners as for experienced drivers to repair a little scratches without going to professional repair stations.
  • Remove scrats from your car

    posted by helintonhell

    It really work and can remove superficial scratchs, its easy to store, and have a decent quality, it comes 12 ml what is good for a time, but if you have more scratches i suggest to buy 2.
    its a good call if you macht the paint of your car with this pen
    if you know anithing off repair a paint, buy and try, it may save your car life
  • Get this right now!

    posted by camot

    Works great, covers rust and scratches perfectly
    My vehicle is 10 years old and normally I wouldn't bother with asthetics but the paintwork was getting from bad to worse as the rusty areas expanded and I thought I should do something to prevent the paint from flaking away completely. This tool came in real handy. It also leaves a layer of paint which is extremely smooth to the touch.
    Real cheap, such a pen cost 3 times as much in my country.
    Works! Great value for money, probably costs much more in your country (unless you live in China).
  • Great product for small repairment

    posted by aleksdx

    I used it for covering small scratches on my bicycle, and it works perfectly.
    Great product for the money. It does what it says. Probably there are better products out there, but this one did the trick for me.
    Well, I see that all reviews are car related, so I'll contribute to the "cycling society" and add that you can also use it for your bicycle scratches too, as I did.

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