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auto light sensor

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auto light sensor Customers Reviews

  • How did I unlock my door at night without this?

    posted by ecotack

    Fix it near the lock on your door and at night you will be able to find the correct key and where the key hole is.One of those gadgets that you wonder how you lived without.Uses a single primary battery.Sticky pad has held very well even in damp cold weather.
    How many times have you got to your front door and been unable to find the correct key or the key hole?This is so useful I don't know why they don't fit them to doors as standard.
    For the price you won't be disappointed.
  • great night light

    posted by merlinwho

    works without any problemslight can be adjustedwhite light is easy for finding a waylight detector shuts down the light if enough light is detectedlight is quite strong during night, during day (if sensor is covered) it is undetectable
    I'm using multiple lights as orientation lights during night to move around the house. Some lights are oriented for ceiling (the whole room is visible), some are oriented downward to see where I'm going, without seeing the whole room.
    I really like these lights and it was a great buy.
  • Nice decorative piece

    posted by Alonlon

    This little gadget lights up in the dark with changing LED colors through a prism of some sort that breaks the light into several beams. its a nice night light - not too bright and provides a nice mood setting atmosphere. It supports 220V electrical voltage.
    Nice mood setting, energy saving device.
    Recommended for mood setting and not for night reading.
  • Great sensor light that works well

    posted by mclaingZulu

    Bright light, illuminates a room similar to 5 or so candles. Runs for a long time on one set of AAA's.Motion sensitivity is perfect. 3 mode setting Night-Dusk-Day, that actually does work well. IE Day mode will bypass the LDR and so turn on for motion during daytime, etc.Duration the light stays lit seems perfect, just under 3 secs. It doesn't trigger falsely either, I have one in my bedroom for when I get up and it has never turned on by mistake.
    Fantastic light that hardly uses much battery. Can't the designers take it one step further to perfect and put a solar panel on it to charge the battery.Which lasts about 5-7 months anyway.I don't know how it lasts so long on 2 AAA's lighting 4 very bright LED's many times.
    I have these all over my house, let's see.... Freezer, mailbox, top of the yard trash dumpster, toilet seat, glove box in my car, kitty door entrance, shed door handle, pool pump motor enclosure, tennis court gate, outside bar... yeah a few around. They are very useful, especially that they don't stay lit all the time and are so much more efficient and smaller than the regular big bulky IR sensors you get at Walmart.

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