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auto car Customers Reviews

  • Good but not for sunny places

    posted by escadajr

    It attaches very easily to any surface as if glued to it. No concerns about this. Your device is held firmly into place, due to the gluey material and will not drop.
    I'm not sure if there are better options by DX. I have tried those non-slip mates unsuccessfully.
    Useful and easy to use, but requires some attention if let in the car for a long time.
  • Cheap and good!

    posted by MadEyeBall

    -Cheap- Easy to use- performs well for my application- small
    It works great for filling my bike tires (road bike 120 psi). much easier than hand pump, bad thing is that it makes a lot of noise and heats up quickly!
    Overall good value for money in my application. small size great for storing in the tool compartment on the trunk of my car. much easier than using a hand pump!
  • Works well and easy to setup and use

    posted by joenickname

    Pairs easily with two cellphones. Convenient shut down after ten minutes disconnection from phone. Very clear voice on both sides of conversation. Microphone is highly sensitive and reacts immediately to voice commands from either driver or passenger. Voice dialing performs above average even when cellphone is in pants pocket.
    Do not know battery life expectancy yet as unit has not been in operation long enough.
    Excellent hands-free unit at reasonable cost.
  • Great ashtray for your car!

    posted by korisnik

    It is made from thick plastic. Easy to empty it, cigaret but fits perfectly in ''holder''. It's quality is quite good and plastic will not easily melt.
    Maybe some kind of better locking mechanism for cap...
    A great product for your car, as you can easily empty/wash it. I've seen in a local shop similar items that were cheaper but it's plastic was different and cheap.Buy it!
  • Well-working robust and versatile

    posted by stigmejlbjerg

    The panel does what it promises. I haven’t checked the actual current, but I use it to extend the life of a battery powered electric fence. On a sunny day, I can disconnect the battery, and the solar panel is able to power the electric fence transformer (This is of cause a pulse load, but the average energy delivery seems to be suficcient.) It sits outside in rain and wind, and it is not harmed in any way.It also comes with a variety of cables and connectors, and even a USB-charger, so you can charge a USB device directly from the panel!
    It comes with a variety of cables and connectors, and even a USB-charger, so you can charge a USB device directly from the panel!
    Easy, useful and ok priced.

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