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  • Real EDC

    posted by blindnick

    Good price.
    Goodness build. Thick aluminum, real aluminum OP reflector and mineral glass. Water proof. Springs on plus and minus contacts.
    3 modes with short press switch (high, medium, strobe). Strobe is real irritate strobe. Wide hotspot.
    Clip, GITD o-rings and tail cap.
    Universal power supply (alkaline or lithium). Projector with 14500, medium bright long time with alkaline (I am not like NiCd and NiMh).
    I searched for Akoray K-106, but has found much mocks. Aurora is best of fake K-106 3-mode (but not programmable). Heating after 1 minute high mode with 14500.
    Must buy. Real EDC flashlight with universal power supply.
  • Best made light I've had from DX

    posted by DonaldM

    Five modes - the usual high, medium, low, strobe, SOS. It does a real SOS rather than SOSOSO which many do. It has mode memory - it comes on in the mode you last left it in. The build quality is exceptionally good. I've not felt such nice threads on a light before. Mode memory is a biggie for me. Can swap heads with the Aurora SH-032. sku.32563
    Excellent build quality, plenty of light. 33 minutes runtime on high, 1hr 24min on medium, 9hr 36 min on low. Well-chosen levels
    I like this one a lot. Recommended strongly.
  • Fine product

    posted by tuukkas

    - Lamp produces brigth white light
    - It is powerfull enough for on road cycling
    - The quality of work is good
    - Fitting of the components is precise and operation is smooth
    - The beam is well suited to cycling - the lamp produce both diffuse light and bright beam which is brigth enough to see details of the road when riding in higher speed
    - The lamp is easy to draw into universal handlebar mount
    - Lamp is lightweight and fits well in your pocket
    - reasonable energy consumption - 2500mAh 18650 lasts over 3,5 hours
    I bought this one for commute biking and it's quite good for this purpose. It produces enough ligt, is small enough to put in pocket after commuting
    and is easily fitted in the universal handlebar mount. Only problem is with the switch in off-road conditions (such as riding in snowy trakcs in winter) - the switch is too sensitive for vibrations. It doesn't bother in normal flashlight use.
    Good and well made flashlight wich gives ultimate lightpower for it's size. Easy to use. Powerconsumption is reasonable.
  • Nice lamp, Good color

    posted by Archeryboy

    The lamp is quite a piece and has a "solid" feeling: Not too light and not too heavy.The solid lenssystem (plastic) is protected with a glass-cover. Well done!The light-color if my lamp measured at 5650°K which is quite NICE and almost perfect (5500°K for Sunlight).The spill is good and has 3 levels: One very weak (Moonshine) with around 120° angle, One quite bright at around 15° and the hotspot at around 5-7°. It lights up the perimeter and floods ther center. Perfect for outdoor-searching.The lanp didnt got too got after 15mins. still good to touch and hold. The Lumens are around 700lm and the lamp draws 2.02A @ 3.62V at the tailcap (7.31W). This means, you dont stress out the LED to the absolute max and dont risk to go in a thermal runaway: At 73% of the heat produced, the lumens are much higher than the 73%! (The higher you stress the led the less efficiency you get.)The thread-seals are all sealed with double-O-Rings (Bravo!) and a good ammount of grease.
    Not really a con, but i may suggest to let the manufacturer drill a hole in the tailcap to löet the user attach a cord or a ring... ATM the lamp does not sport any kind of fixation.
    Compaired with my other lamps, this one is one of the best! The light-color just is a must-buy. Also the solid optics make a very good impression.If you want a good lamp and dont shy the 37$, you get one hell of a burner and a definitive keeper.
  • Nice little thing

    posted by DonaldM

    Small and light. Simple, it is either on or off so little to go wrong. More than adequately bright for a keychain light. Seems to give much the same amount of light from an alkaline or an NiMH cell - fractionally brighter on an alkaline actually. Fits unobtrusively in coin pocket in a pair of jeans. This one will not be turned on by accident.
    Its styling is strongly reminiscent of the Ultrafire C3 writ small. It surprised me that according to my scales it is a gram heavier than the Akoray K103 - but it still is only 23g or about the weight of two AAA alkalines. The wrist strap is moderately useless as it could do with being a bit bigger - and I have smallish hands. Anodising appears to be of good quality.
    Nice one to give away. Will not run for ever, but you get a fair amount of light from an AAA. Cheaper than a Fenix E01 and very much brighter.


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