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  • Excellent product! Very good!

    posted by Jcc4brg

    It's working perfectly. The plastic has a fantastic feeling of rubber touch . Audio and video are captured with very good quality. The CD included a very good software that works perfectly with my Vista 64-bit. Other items I investigated did the same job but way higher price. Excellent!
    Very easy to use, intuitive and fast to convert videos. Now you can easily save your VHS videos by you're self. No need to expensive company to rescue your old VHS.
    Highly recommended! Very nice, easy and cheap way to digitize those old VHS/CAM and image capture
  • Good product for the price

    posted by MadCowTeaM

    It is a good novice Monitoring Capture Card with support for 4 cameras. It is good enough for the price and pretty easy to use. It is well build and the cables are long enough. The software supported by the Card is also good enoufg and easy to use.
    This Capture card is well enough for beginners, and may also be use in real situations for real Survailance. But sooner or lather you may start to wish you would have a bether one and then you wil buy a 200$+ system, but for the start thisone is good enough.
    If you want to play, watch what happens when you are away and be notifid when in the time you are away someone plays in your playground then this is for you. But when you plan to equip your property you probably should spend 10X more to be realy safe.
  • Good, but BYO software

    posted by MrWinkie

    Produces a good Composite Video capture ... perfect for digitizing old VHS home videos
    I'd buy one again in a second - now that I've worked out how to use it.
    This is a great buy for digitizing your own video. But download the (free) MPlayer/Mencoder package for windows. Using the MPlayer-corei7-r36169+g2844ea8 package (which includes mencoder) you can grab with the command line (PAL-B):mencoder.exe -fps 25 -tv driver=dshow:device=0:input=1 tv:// -oac copy -ovc copy -o output_file.aviThen use VLC to convert this into whatever format you need, I use H264.VLC has problems with the DirectShow audio chaindriver (whatever that is) and is unable to capture the audio correctly from this device at the time of writing. but if you use mencoder as above it all works very nicely.
  • Gets the job done, easily!

    posted by MrGana

    Having tried many methods of capturing VHS tapes to my computer, I once again turned to Dealextreme to see if they had a solution, and here it is. - Simple to work with,- Installed without problems (Windows 7)- Build quality is fair, but not very cheap
    Don't know how it matches up with other products who do the same but are more expensive, but with this one, you'll be set!
    Really easy to work with, gets the job done, nice product for its price!
  • Good

    posted by DiegoOK

    small size, long usb connector, lightweight, with a simple user interface, intuitive, easy installation, good user manual.
    I do not know if the cable is of very good quality is a bit fragile but nothing that can spoil use.
    Great price, nothing more to say
    small size, long usb connector, lightweight, with a simple user interface, intuitive, easy installation, good user manual.

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