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  • It really works, for a fraction of the cost

    posted by figueiredops

    It is very cheap and works really well. My father has hearing problems and could not hear the buzz noise from the kitchen. This problem has solved all my problems. Now my father will be able to know that someone's at the door. And it cost me only 40 bucks. The sound quality is good, and it is very sensitive to any sound. I am totally satisfied. I did not have any trouble setting it up. I did not read the manual and just tried switching some of the buttons until it worked.
    For the price, it is truly a bargain.
    I don't know if it will last for years and years, but I am very satisfied with the product.
  • Very good product

    posted by ziggy89

    was perfect to embed and connect directly to the motherboard in the SNES due to the size of the circuit board and it can be operated with the Super Nintendo original 9v power adapter.Have more book to use with other gaming consoles I want to connect to your TV without having to connect to the back of the tvNow I have been fall take the the Super Nintendo in my bed on the other side of the room without having to suffer with wires that are too short from the tv! :)
    short wire from the power adapter and it was two-pin US plug, not EU
    great product
  • Pretty Good

    posted by ElizaAgn

    Good price, it's very lightweight and small, the signal is pretty good.
    It's important to consider the distance between the devices, if it's relatively close the signal is very good!
    If you want a cheap and wirelles solution, I believe this is the device you're looking for!

    posted by qsatmor

    Does its job, to transfer audio from one room to another, my home has very thick walls thats why I need the 2W power. Tried another less powerful device and that did not work. The qualiy of the audio was good enough. Not rried to relay the videochannel.
    Looks proffesional, easy to install
    With 4 channels so you could use other devices as well ,or try out which channel works best for you
  • Great product

    posted by gwave

    I use it as TV headphones, I like to watch things at night and this way I do not wakeup anyone.It is connected to the headphone out on the TV.The sound quality is good, I am not a musician, but it's much much better then any remote headphone I used before ( the one based on FM radio). Both units have internal battery, ( in case you are very very sensitive to 50/60Hz hum ). The setup take a second, connect audio in. Press the power until you see it flash green, it will stop flashing after the receiver and transmitter are in sync. To close it press power again for a few seconds, until no leds are lit. The charger is just a regular USB charger, no problem replacing. No problem using the head phones that fit you best, you are not stuck with some shape or uncomfortable headphones or worse, worn out headphones.
    The units run on batteries for a long time, the transmitter only a few hours, but you can connect it to a charger, or any 5V source (USB port, USB charger)The receiver last much longer at least 8 hours. Not a problem, you can connect the transmitter to the charger, I did not notice a hum, when the sound input is connected, without a sound input, you can hear the 50/60Hz hum, but it's not considered normal use.
    Buy it!!!!If you want a good quality remote headphones, this is the best solution on DX.I guess a Bluetooth based solution might have better sound quality, but it's more expansive and you will need a BT support on the transmitter side ( computer, smart phone, tablet), not just a dumb analog audio out.

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