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audio system tools Customers Reviews

  • 4-in-1 Dismantle Disassembly Tools for Car Video Audio System

    posted by flipmode64

    Good tools to take apart things inside the car out without chipping paint or breaking things like you would when people normally use a screwdriver. You can maneuver the tool to get in and behind plastic pieces to pop them out more easily then a screw driver - which you will end up chipping paint or making marks in plastic interior pieces. Tools are good quality and come in a decent amount of variety to find the right tool for the job.
    No other thoughts that I can think of at this moment
    Very good tools for the price so that you don't damage your car or whatever you are using it on when you try to pry or pop something out. Would order again if I needed to.
  • Good tools for any plasticpanel

    posted by logifin

    Plastic feel very strong and that is very good thing.These tools was much bigger than i thinked. It helps to get good angle and little force to some situations.Color is also good you don't lose them that easily.
    This is good set of tool especially if you work lots with cars.I think you can open even metal panels with these. But be carefully because metal against plastic + force isn't always a good combination
    If you need tools for disassembling panel/trims i recommend these.
  • Does the job, the cheap way.

    posted by CarnagerSDV

    Decent price, wide range of tools, also works for less common head units.
    If you want to do a single removal of a head unit and don't know what to get, get this set. It saves you the big bucks a car dealership makes you pay for this easy job. Be prepared to use this only a few times though. But it is still cheaper.
    For consumer use this is just fine. Professionals better get more durable tools (which are much more expensive.) or order multiple of this set to have spares available as soon as they are needed.
  • Good, but...

    posted by SpyHp

    Kit Good quality and very useful, especially for those who work with it day by day. A good riding kit which can remove various appliances of different brands and models.
    quality and usefulness, especially for those who work with it day by day. A good riding kit which can remove various appliances of different brands and models.
    a good kit, sorry to have missed a piece.
  • Very complete set

    posted by patje04

    All the tools you need to install or remove a car audio system are included in the package. The quality of most of these tools, especially the plastic ones, is good.
    The packaging leaves room for improvement. Replacing the current one with a package that you can use to store the tools would be a big improvement.
    Nice set for occasional use.

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