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  • Just what I was looking for…

    posted by DocCombs

    * Adds microphone to an existing pair of headphones* Adds volume control to an existing pair of headphones* Adds a Siri button to an existing pair of headphones* Decent microphone, no complaints from callers
    I already have a pair of sport headphones I like to use when running. I didn’t want the expense of a new set, but I also wanted to be able to adjust the volume of my iPhone while running, make calls, or even activate Siri. This little adapter allows me to do all three and keep my iPhone 4S in my pocket.
    A great way to add a microphone, volume control and Siri button to an existing pair of headphones. Excellent buy for the price.
  • Great Mic Adapter to use With GoPro

    posted by drampazo

    Works fine as microphone adapter for my GoPro Hero 3.The quality looks very good.The cable is really soft.This item arrived in Brazil with less than one month since the purchase, very quick!
    I bought this item to use as microphone adapter to my GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition and works pretty good.I use this adapter in different weather condition, and still working after one month.
    If you want a good microphone to mini USB adapter you sholud buy this item.
  • 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Audio Adapter for Nokia

    posted by vilijemk

    It is well made, fits great in nokia 80 and does not fall out. After a while connection is good. The audio connector on phone and on phone side is 'capable' of stereo connection after rewiring inside of it,
    It should be stated, this is not at all stereo out of the box. It is possible to tweak for experienced user, but is hard to do because of short cable inside. I had to remove the cable outer hole to extend to change it to stereo with soldering iron,
    For my old nokia n80, which i later found out is producing only mono sound the tweaking of this adapter to stereo was possible and made it, except the phone was not capable of outputing stereo sound :(Check if You phone is capable of stereo, if not, stick with how the adapter is made

    posted by Tjonndal

    this is a perfect microphone is has perfect quality, this is what u want to use ur money on. if u need a microphone for a cheap price, then buy this one!the microphone is light weighted!
    it is perfect quality for the money so buy it if u need a microphone :D
    +cheap+perfect build guality for the money+u sound good +no awful noises- light weighted so knocks easy over
  • Does not look cheap cable

    posted by DenisMorais

    There is not much to tell about it.1 - The overall built quality is good;2 - The female plug is big and looks like will not break easily;3 - Cheap, as almost everything on DX :-)4 - Nice size for my needs.
    Can play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 sitted on my sofa using good headphones without any complain from my wife!!!
    Cheap and good as expected


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