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This is our best audio speakers, they all share a great design and great prices. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

audio speakers Customers Reviews

  • Great buy!

    posted by wetmarket

    This small set of speakers can really produce good and loud sound quality. The attached cable is sufficient for me to replace my current speaker to be connected to the amp.It is relative simple to do the replacement of speakers if you are just placing them on your dashboard.
    This is really good buy from DX here! Bought this before they release the 800W Iron speaker.
    Can buy for this really good price!
  • One-time uses

    posted by Cicaro

    Cheap and does what its suppose to do
    Planned on using them on my PAsystem. Due to the plastic looks like its going to fall into pieces on the first knock I will instead use them to my home speakers etc where I seldom move/fiddle them around and where I know that when I move them i'm very careful!
    Perfect for devices where you connect and disconnect the cables like when moving or at spring and autumn cleaning. Cheap and does what it's supposed to Fragile, so not recommended on tour equipment where you need reliability and the connectors needs to be able to stand a couple of beats and bumps.
  • Nice Terminals

    posted by Nadal

    Very good price for twenty pieces, it appears to be a good choice for hobby and benchtop use. I hope DX will also sell the banana plugs to mach these ones, with the same collors.
    A good option to everyday electronics use. You can use them on power supplies, benchtop devices and other electronic applications. And shipping time was faster this time, despite of the local mail delay.
    Good product and very cheap, check the other collors available.
  • Set of decent banana sockets

    posted by ohyva

    Solid mechanical structure. You can separate the metal socket from the plastic bode which may make the installation easier, and you can make your special bodies if so wished. The banana plug goes fully inside the socket which is safe.
    None this time.
    A decent set of banana sockets to be used with the black and other color sockets if you are not too sensitive of the small but visible mechanical differences.
  • Very nice combination of motorcycle accesories

    posted by egotrans

    Just nice to have some music and an alarm in one. It looks good and the alarm is very advanced. We install them in our workshop mostly for young people. And it also has radio!
    I would love to see ones made from aluminium or some other strong material. It would be great if you could connect your phone via bluetooth. I hope a product like that will be on offer soon.
    Nice novelty item but be careful because some people might want to steal or break them becasue they might be visible. For this the alarm function is very good but you have to be near to stop someone messing with your bike ofcourse. Be carefull to connect it well and hide the conecter cable so that the item cannot be disconected. Be aware that your bike battery needs to be full and working well!


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