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audio male female adapter

You can find fashionable audio male female adapter at a low price. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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audio male female adapter Customers Reviews

  • Just what I was looking for!

    posted by Aritomo

    -Excellent sound quality (with the equipment I have, I couldn't notice any certain difference between headphones, connected directly to laptop and through this splitter. The only thing is that once 2 sets of headphones are connected, the volume level drops a bit - but I don't htinl it's possible to make it any other way)
    -Both resulting channels are stereo! (I expected it to work the old-fashioned way of splitting one stereo channel into two mono and was pleasantly surprised)
    -Looks expensive (even has a Philips print on it)
    Theoretically, since it splits the outgoing audio evenly, sending both channels on each terminal, that might mean, that if used for recording, both channels will be mixed so that each of the two mono channels of one stereo input will contain the sound of both sources. That is not that good for recording, but is ideal for live performances (i.e. having a live webcast of a guitar and voice - you won't have voice panned one way and the guitar another). However, I haven't been able to confirm that yet.
    One of the best buys I've had so far. This thingie should be in everyone's bunch of audiocables
  • Nice build quality

    posted by jagpreetbhatia

    Nothing much to say here, its works as expected, without any issues. The quality of plastic and wire is good. The headphones are easy to put in and take out (with my last splitter this was a bit tough to do)I mainly bought this for the wire which you see in the pic. Because of which its easier to plug it into sockets which are hidden behind a panel (like some LCD TV) and then plug in 2 headphones. You get some extra room.
    None I can think of.
    Overall a nice purchase. You wont regret it.
  • Simplicity is key

    posted by kaastrommel

    - Good build quality- Transmits sound perfectly, no lag or whatever- Looks clean - Steady, compact- Cheap (2.10 USD is almost nothing)- Gold Plated (I love it)
    Yeah basically,I love DX.com; awesome prizes, average shipping time (to the Netherlands), good customer service and they are genuine.
    Really recommend this adapter. Awesome all in all. Just look at the pros and cons :D.
  • excelent to connect headphones on your tv

    posted by Gregoriorar

    - Very usefull cable. You can connect headphones on your tv or speakers, if yout tv doesnt have a 3.5mm imput- Works perfect, you wouldnt have a problem with this- Audio quality its very good
    This and sku5125 are the same, i didn't notice that and I bought this one. The only difference is the longitude (36cm vs 30cm) and the price. I don't know what cable is better, I have this one and I recommend it =)
    Works perfect, I dont have any problem with the cable
  • excellent product

    posted by yboztepe

    it works fine. I have tried the product. works very well. I am transferring the image and auido to projection screen. It is excellent product. Suitable for tablet pc. An ideal product for transferring audio and video.
    the ability to transfer audio and video at the same time. suitable for tablet pc. An ideal product for transferring audio and video. Get it now if you need hdmi-vga converter.
    thanks. suitable for tablet pc. An ideal product for transferring audio and video.

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