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  • nice amplifier!

    posted by rebel4life

    -the device is small
    -the amplifier is very cheap
    -the device is easy to use
    A low pass should be placed at the output, this amplifier creates a lot of interfering signal, you should also use it in a case made out of metal and the wire to the loudspeaker should be as short as possible.
    Please replace the screw terminal with a dc power connector.
    A case for this amplifier would be a nice "addon".
    If you need a small amplifier for low volume application, buy this, if you need more power, you should buy something like SKU 44123.
  • Look at all the parts on this terminal! 22!

    posted by rodserling

    Originally, I was not going to bother reviewing this item. After all... how much can you say about a Binding Post Terminal? Well... after installing it, I noticed that this is a well constructed item. It has 22 removable parts. Everything about this item is rock solid. The materials used are heavy. I really recommend this item. You can install it and still have parts left over for other uses.
    Parts list:8 Steel Washers (Gold)4 Steel Lock Washers (Black)4 Steel Nuts (Gold)2 Steel Terminal Posts (Gold)2 Plastic/Metal Screw Nuts (Red/Black)2 Plastic Binding Bars (Black)
    High Quality Construction. I'm definitely buying some more of these. A GREAT item at a LOW price.
  • Impressive!!

    posted by CountFragula

    Very clean sound with no decernable "hiss" at all when no music is playing even at max volume, the tone controls are exactly that and work VERY well and provide a smooth, broad boost/cut curve at approximately 40hz and 14khz, very, VERY impressive performance for their ACTUAL power rating (10W/Channel)
    Uses a TDA2009a IC, which is about 10 watts per channel, though it's performance is exceptional for being only 10 watts! The IC inside can handle 26v, BUT the max voltage this amp will run on before cooking the supporting parts is 16 volts! Will work with speakers over 4 Ohms, but I wouldn't recommend it as the output drops to only 3 watts per channel at 8 ohms!
    This thing will make you say "wow..." and then "WOW!!!" again! I'm sitting listening to them at this very moment as I've retrofitted it to some 4" ported bookshelf speakers and am using it and them as a set of computer speakers and I am very, VERY impressed by their performance!This amp is whipping a medium quality pair of 4" speakers into complete submission and it sounds GREAT doing it!I'm STILL finding it hard to believe they're only 10 watts/channel!
  • Easy to use andf greaty sound!

    posted by Derfpa

    *Easy to use (basically no extra components needed)
    *Dedicated pin for "on"-mode
    *Seems to have saftey circuits against faulty wiring. Mine seemed burned a few times (while experimenting) but got reset after reboot.
    This is a nice little chip! It runs very cool and the output quality is good as long as you don't push it to the limit.
    Perfect use is for portable battery powered speakers, since it only needs 3 ordinary batteries to run. Although, I would recommend sku.44122 in most cases to prevent distortion. (But that one needs at least 10 at VCC)
    If you're building a small battery powered speaker for you cellphone/mp3-player then this one is for you! You cant get much cheaper and power efficient!
    But remember, its not possible to use as a headphone amplifier since channel one dies when connecting- of both channels together.
  • All that you can ask for.

    posted by Skumfidus

    - Low distortion. - Meets specifications: See datasheet for YDA148.- The board is easy to get up and running. - Sound is really good. At lower levels it mesures smilair to my 500$ Denon reciver.(0,01-0,2 W)- Needs just 0V and +12V. No negative voltage supply. - The noise is low enough for the gain needed to reach max output. - No preamp needed to reach max output with line level or headphone output.
    It seems that the dynamic compression is turned on. Meaning that it will act kinda like an optocompressor when approaching max volume. Again see the datasheet for the chip. Not something I find problematic. Its all explained there. If you don't know what this is, then don't bother!
    Chances are that this amp will sound better than your speakers.


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