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audio amplifier module Customers Reviews

  • Superb Micro amplifier

    posted by skinnybloke

    This is the most aamassing amplifier i have purchased so far from DX !Its not the most powerful, but its so Tiny ! The output you can achive from this far exceeds expectation ! The sound quality is fantastic, low and high level, and a very low noise floor for a digital amp that has no output filter, i will be purchasing more !
    This will be sooo good for Rasberry pi user, how cool would a tiny 5 volt sub+sat system be ?
    If you need a tiny high performance amp with mini subwoofer, look no further :DI love this little amp bored x
  • Almost plug'n play!

    posted by walker12

    Easy to connect to speakers and power supply.No need for heat sink, at moderate use.Comes with a volume control.Build-in output filters reducing electro smog.
    It took me less than 30 minutes to have something up and running.First try used 4 speakers at 4 Ohms (2x2 in series). All coming from PC speaker sets. Not the best results. Speakers were too small.Then connected to a standard set of 8 Ohm speakers. Much better!
    If you need a small amp at, say, 5-10W in 8 Ohms, this may be it.
  • Great amplifier

    posted by FlavioBayer

    Very powerful, it's a 3Wx2 amplifier, but i connect it on my computer and the sound that i almost couldn't hear beafore, now I can hear it without problem with the volume level in 10%
    It also works with my cellphone battery(SKU.23723), but I use an USB port(~5v) as power supply, just get an USB cable from my old printer that don't work, cut it and plug on the device and works perfectly(red=+,black/white=-).
    I don't know much about eletricity, so I've bought this one just to see if i could make it work and bought the SKU.44125 that is more powerful and it works.
  • Beyond Awesome and 20% cooler!

    posted by mucz1

    - Very tiny, and I really mean it, its like couple of LEGO bricks next to each other. - Very easy to use, the clasps for the wires makes things soldering-free.- POWERFUL! I could not believe it until I wired the Logitech X-230 speakers to it.. !- Very cheap- Very easy to power
    This is definitely a life-saver if you want to cosplay and want a powerful, yet portable solution.I'm powering mine using 3x 18650 Trustfire (non-original) batteries with the 3x battery socket sold here as well and it works just perfect. Connected it to Logitech X-230 speakers (just the satellites) which is 4 speaker units in total (2 per channel) and the sound for mid/high tones is great. Lows are poor as its lacking the subwoofer but can live without it..
    This is certainly a great start for a beginner if you wish to create your own portable audio system, on cheap and yet have decent quality and longevity to it too!
  • LM386 20 Times Gain Circuit Audio Amplifier Module review

    posted by panich82

    Very good product. Came in very secure packaging so nothing broke. It's very small and compact and works perfectly. Connected it from computer to 2 HPM-300 Pioneer 8 ohm speakers. Also from small radio unit to same set of speakers. Tried it both on 9 and 12 volts DC. Bought it because if I built one myself it would cost about the same but would be 2-3 three times bigger in size.
    Good product, recommend it
    Good product, probably will buy more to try to cascade the amplifier sequence. It's single channel amplifier so don't expect stereo.


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