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audio amplifier board Customers Reviews

  • Buen amplificador

    posted by juliov

    This gives very good amplifier output power with very little noise. music is mounted for moving two 8 ohm speakers in series, parallel is excessive because the audio level even the minimum of the source. It is with adjustable gain to a minimum. Not heated at all.
    I have a second amplifier in the car to try and spice up the speakers as standard, the source does not give much output.
    Totally recommended, not worth anything go riding.
  • This is a really nice board

    posted by JuiceNL

    This is a really nice board to make a diy USB powered speaker driver. Powered from USB it probably doesn't use the full volume, as USB ports typically deliver between 100mA and 500mA, which is less than needed for max output. However, when using speakers that aren't really inefficient decent audio levels can be achieved. Since I love diy projects like these, I really like this board.
    Get the polarity right to avoid damage to your USB port. Use a multimeter to be sure. There is no diode on the board to protect it from wrong polarity, which is actually a good thing since diodes lower the voltage, of which you need all... So just be careful with it.
    For thuis price, it's awesome.
  • Very nice, worked a treat!

    posted by seiran73

    Compact and runs off 5V. Suited my USB powered application. Well labeled board, and very easy to connect everything up.
    Should have bought more, I am sure I will find a use for more in the future.
    Generally curvy, like two badly parked Volkswagons.
  • excellent class d amplifier!

    posted by mikeyb789

    first of all the 50 x 2 is not quite correct atleast not on my board. i only got about 40 watts but could have been my speaker ohms being 16 ohms. other than that great as a subwoofer for small 6 x 9 speaker kit.
    could have smaller heatsink as it has never barely got warm with me even near max!
    buy build a small amp box and you will have a very good bass pound as compared to those expensive bazooka bass tubes that cost more than $100! you cannot go wrong in anyway with this amp. if you need tech specs google its amp with datasheet at end of the name! THX
  • Nice little unit.

    posted by only1humann

    I get tired of having to use my phones touchscreen EQ to adjust the audio before being sent to my amplifier. This does the trick well! Pots rotate smoothly, no crackling, or other noise. Unit looks nice and had no defects.
    Mounted it in a leftover clear plastic helicopter servo box. It worked out nicely.
    Sometimes "old school" is better than new technology.

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