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audio amplifier amplifier

You can easily find the latest low priced audio amplifier amplifier offered at our online shop. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.

audio amplifier amplifier Customers Reviews

  • Look at all the parts on this terminal! 22!

    posted by rodserling

    Originally, I was not going to bother reviewing this item. After all... how much can you say about a Binding Post Terminal? Well... after installing it, I noticed that this is a well constructed item. It has 22 removable parts. Everything about this item is rock solid. The materials used are heavy. I really recommend this item. You can install it and still have parts left over for other uses.
    Parts list:8 Steel Washers (Gold)4 Steel Lock Washers (Black)4 Steel Nuts (Gold)2 Steel Terminal Posts (Gold)2 Plastic/Metal Screw Nuts (Red/Black)2 Plastic Binding Bars (Black)
    High Quality Construction. I'm definitely buying some more of these. A GREAT item at a LOW price.
  • it works!

    posted by Seb898

    - Small - Surprising power- God connections- Antenna is surprisingly good- Adjustment buttons feel solidI like the feeling of it, and the alliminium i tough
    Well... it loogs good, its small, can fit everywhere, i dont see it blowing or be abel to overheat, havent testet it to much but it seems like it is fittet with a safty flick. nice!Could be 2 cm smaller, by looking inside, it don´t need to be this big.(There is no more to say about this produc, anny more would be inaccurate for the produkt. this sentes is to fill upp the 500 requiered)
    Worth the penny!
  • Economical way to boost iPhone's sound

    posted by feiru

    For a small gadget like this that do not require any power (no battery or cable required), this little plastic can surprisingly boost the iPhone's sound well. It is a handy product to be carried around when you want to listen to music.
    I've lost mine, but I do miss it. Might get another from dx again.
    Cheap and effective gadget to boost iPhone's sound.
  • excellent class d amplifier!

    posted by mikeyb789

    first of all the 50 x 2 is not quite correct atleast not on my board. i only got about 40 watts but could have been my speaker ohms being 16 ohms. other than that great as a subwoofer for small 6 x 9 speaker kit.
    could have smaller heatsink as it has never barely got warm with me even near max!
    buy build a small amp box and you will have a very good bass pound as compared to those expensive bazooka bass tubes that cost more than $100! you cannot go wrong in anyway with this amp. if you need tech specs google its amp with datasheet at end of the name! THX
  • I bought it for my girlfriend that teacher is using it a lot and is happy!

    posted by LaloF

    It's good equipment for people who need to speak loudly. The battery has a very good capacity, lasts almost a week talking to students. Good power output, and easy to use. Connecting a pen drive with MP3 music plays it correctly. It has FM radio and you can talk through the microphone with music playing in the background.
    I have nothing to say, it works great
    It is a smart purchase, the advise all teachers who purchase such equipment to speak.

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