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atx pc Customers Reviews

  • nice product

    posted by vitlik

    This item is for home using. not so professional but also litle price.
    You can bouth more expancive item- but for what???! If you only constumers and not for profesional using its item for you
    Easy understud instruction. easy usage.
    Good tool for home using! You can check power suply before you replace it. Value for money!
  • Very good

    posted by masot

    It is very easy to use. Now, I can check my power supply. <- this is failed. Not use battery, only the power of power supply :).
    Perhaps, it was useful a manual. Sometimes it is beep, but I don't understand, all is good.
    It is great. For me, and other person who repair computer, is a very good tool. It is cheap and is a tool that always you will use.
  • Good Device

    posted by ColdWave

    It works. It is cheap (in Russian Federation it costs about 45 USD). Simple, small size, easy in use device. I am satisfied on 100% )))
    When not connected 4-pin CPU power connector, it is indicates LL at +12V channel and beeping.
    Good choice. I use this device sometimes at work and home of my friends. Simple and useful thing for fast diagnostic of power supply. It helps very fast detect some reasons of strange errors in PC.
  • Overall it's a good product

    posted by Lusu

    Fast diagnostics with leds. Incorporated buzzer beeps shortly when you connect the PSU.
    At least a piece of paper posing as a manual is missing.
    This is a cheap and fast PSU tester, exactly as expected. Trap for young players, the -5V indicator, shpuld have been documented.
  • Good for troubleshooting

    posted by ClickRight

    + Great way to quickly tell if a power supply has failed.
    + Easy to use, and the instructions are written right on the unit.
    Unit beeps on power up. Build quality is OK, other than the SATA and molex conenctors. Lost some points here.
    Seems to do its job fairly well. Even if the power supply tests OK, I would use a multimeter to confirm voltages, however.

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