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  • Only for charging the Asus TF7000T

    posted by dialers

    Seem well made. Looks good. Has USB 3 connector.
    This was tried on 3 computers, including an Asus notebook with USB 2 and 3 ports..
    Useless except for charging. Ordered 2 of these and they both (don't) work the same!
  • Awesome!

    posted by ozjodo

    The screen came packaged very well apart from some of the protective plastic film peeling a little in the corners, the screen was in perfect condition.
    Mine came as one piece as well and included a cable that would fit in a USB port. With a little switching around, I was able to use that cable as the "USB in", connect the ribbon to the "Touch" cable, tape the touch screen to my 900A EEE PC (yes to the outside) and then connect the USB to one of my USB ports to give it a test run before I took anything apart. WOW Windows 7 picked it up right away and I was able to see the screen in action...
    This external method for using the touch screen will work for me until I manage to put the LCD and touch screen in my car for my car PC. Even with the protective plastic film still on, the touch screen seems adequately responsive.
    The on screen keyboard for Windows 7 has also been seriously revamped. It works great with this touch screen and even can do predictive text. I keep it pinned to my taskbar for easy access.
    Seriously if you're planning to build a car PC from a EEE PC, this is a good way to do it. Now I just need to find a way to mount the screens in my car and get them to work in direct sunlight... but that's a battle for another day!
  • works with tf700t

    posted by TheMarkster

    Works with tf700t Slightly longer than original cableGood build quality
    I purchased this just in case something happens with the original cable. Since it's proprietary you can't just pick up one anywhere. It's a bit longer than the original cable, which is a good thing. Build quality seems to be pretty good, it fits snuffly into the device, and there is a half inch or so of reinforcement where the wire connects to the plug. Charging and data transfer both work without issue.
    Since these devices use proprietary cables it's probably a good idea to have a spare on hand. Is also convenient to have on for bringing with you and another to leave at home connected to your charger.
  • Excellent buy

    posted by kristaleks

    Super satisfied with the cable, appearance and use is exactly as expected, quite cheap compared to stores (in Norway). Little bit tighter fit than the previous cable (that came with the eeepad TF 201). But not complaining.
    Good replacement. Buy this, if u need one.
    This is my first buy at dx.com. i will continue buying stuff from this site in the future. Thumbs up!
  • works with tf700t

    posted by TheMarkster

    Inexpensive alternative to keyboard dockNot 1, but 2 USB host ports (see cons, however)Works with Generic USB 1.1 hubWorks with USB Card Reader and 32GB uSD cardWorks with USB Flash DriveWorks with USB KeyboardWorks with USB MouseWorks with Rockboxed Sansa E260 MP3 playerAble to charge Samsung Galaxy SIII cell phone
    If you have a tf700t, but not the keyboard dock, then you probably want to go ahead and get this. It will add USB host port capability to your device, so you can connect external keyboard, mouse, flash drive, USB card readers, etc. I was also able to connect my smartphone and charge its battery, which could come in handy in an emergency situation.I tried some other devices with it, but did not expect these to work due to driver issues and no software to use them: USB microscope, USB Wifi dongle, USB bluetooth dongle.
    It's not perfect because the ports are too close together. There is space on the sides of the device that could have been used for one of the ports rather than having both on the "bottom". Alternatively, they could have made it just a tiny bit bigger. Nevertheless, if I want to use both mouse and keyboard simultaneously, I can do this by using a USB hub.


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