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asus screen Customers Reviews

  • Touch-tastic

    posted by Ryno82

    great priced touch screen for eee i was looking around everywhere then i stumbled onto this one. Works great, easy enough to install, seems to be strong enough (seeing i throw my laptop bag across my car every morning) if you know what your doing GET ONE
    This item is a great little project to do i had mine installed in under 2 hours been using it ever since. way handier using touchscreen on couch and in bed instead of the awkward touchpad. I have noticed there is a very slight bulge when i close the lid of the eee, this is only expected becuase there is another layer in the screen now, this could be fixed if i moded the plastic housing arround the screen, but its not that bad so i wont bother.
    Great product if you have any skills in electronics. would be nice if DX posted installion guide PDF with the product description but theres heaps of info on the net about this anyway. So if your thinking about getting a touchscreen for eee this one seems as good as any, works well, very responcive and fun to use. BUY ONE YOU CANT GO WRONG
  • Good kit

    posted by TourerV

    I bought it for upgrading my Asus Eee PC 701. This device makes netbook more convenient in use. Good pressing sensitivity. Good price. The kit I'd received has been well packed and not hurt during delivery. The integrated board of the touchscreen controller and USB hub has rather small size, it is not too difficult to find a place for it inside the netbook.
    This kit is intended for advanced users, there are no instructions on installation disks with drivers in the package, but DIY manuals and drivers can be found in the Internet.
    Excellent set (if is not defective) for netbook modification. It is especially useful for building Car PC basing on a netbook.
  • Works really well but difficult to apply

    posted by akonstantinov

    It really makes screen "matte" and removes annoying reflection. More exactly it makes reflection blurish - just like on any laptop with matte screen.
    DX should consider better packaging for such big and sensitive thing.
    With this film on screen it is much more comfortable to work with tablet while on the go.Be really patient and prepare really well before applying. Maybe even ask for help someone with experience.
  • Useful screen protector, doesn't fit TF300

    posted by kuluabunny

    It work well.
    The was the mail person bent the screen protector on one corner, so I couldn't get rid of air bubble on that corner. Also, I used it on my TF300, so the screen protector is slightly too big for the screen. This is a problem because your palms rubbing against the edge can take the screen protector.
    It's great for protecting your screen. I have no idea how well it works on the TF201 since I used it on the TF300.
  • Great Screen protector with some down sides

    posted by mhabib

    Packaging is good, item was received in semi-perfect condition.installing the item to the tablet was relatively easy but left lots of bubbles underneath which took some time to remove using a plastic card
    great product, good value for the moneybe careful not to harm your tablet screen while removing the bubbles, dont press too much on the screen.
    great deal,would buy it again for another tablet

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