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asus eee tf201

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asus eee tf201 Customers Reviews

  • rating says much of itself

    posted by Ayooo

    it protects the screen from dust, scratch and other stuffs when used normally.
    you can probably find better screen protector here or elsewhere for a simillar price or cheaper. i have not tried the other so i dont know if the film is thick as well, but this one doesnt fit the task.
    if u want to get some just to use temporarily and change often then it might be an alternative but then the price is high for that.
  • Good but...

    posted by gegene92

    It's very goodIt's really useful, thanks to this accessory can connect to everything (mouse, keyboard, and pen usb, usb gadgets and more comfortable).It always works and it is wonderful. I find it really well because it is small and I can carry anywhere
    Produce a new accessory similar but with two USB ports slightly distant.
    The best of accessories for ASUS tf300. The best accessory is fast, practical and manageable. I can use at any time. I really like at least I do not have to connect each time to force my asus TF300 to your PC but I can directly use this accessory.
  • Works fine!

    posted by Mariooo1

    I tried the device right away after I got it. Plugged it into my Transformer TF101, then plugged in it a card reader with an SDHC memory card with a full hd movie of 800 MB. The TF101 recognized the USB right away with no delay. The transfer of the file to the memoty card took about 30 secs. I am delighted with this purchase and happy I didn't get the original Asus device.
    None so far
    Go for it. It has a perfect price and quality.
  • work with TF700T

    posted by KVLV1

    This adapter confirmed work with TF700T. The tf700t is not rooted, Android version 4.1.1.Read fine with usb memory stick (Patriot Memory Flex 32GB formatted in NTFS) and microSD card reader with Sandisk microSDXC 64GB card formatted in NTFS, 750GB 2.5" WD HD. The external hard drive has its own power and formatted in NTFS. When the adapter with a card reader or HD, the tablet recognized with a message "External storage inserted, USBdisk2". You can use the tablet explorer to brown the contents in the memory card/HD. Unicode displays normal, readable. I played mp3, wav, movie in .avi.
    The adapter is sticking out of the Asus tablet, so do not move your tablet if the tablet are connected to HD/Usb card reader. If the adapter connected to harddrive, the harddrive must have its own power. The tablet can provide power for usb card reader but obviously cannot have enough power your usb HD.
    good buy.
  • Excellent Quality

    posted by rocketabyss

    Excellent build quality, seems even better than the one provided by AsusComes with a color-coded USB 3.0 headerStiff wiring shows excellent build quality but it is not the kind that will easily kink if a weird angle of pressure is applied along the cable
    When item arrived, the plastic packaging with the cable inside looked abit cheap, but the cable turned out to be of an excellent build.
    A must get, however be prepared for a long delivery time but hey, it was free shipping for mine! :)

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