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You will be surprised our best assorted color pen with an artful design and an amazing price. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

assorted color pen Customers Reviews

  • Very good pens!

    posted by rkrupp

    Very good pens. Mine comes all black, all workiing well. None leaking.They are very precise and feels soft on writing.Writes on very dark black.
    Nice pens to have around at home, very cheap and very good quality.I can say it again and again!Nice pens to have around at home, very cheap and very good quality.Nice pens to have around at home, very cheap and very good quality.Nice pens to have around at home, very cheap and very good quality.
    If you allways lost your pens around, buy it!They are so cheap as are good!
  • Like it

    posted by trazomfreak

    - Good size. (Not like all those thin ones out there.)
    - Works as it should.
    - Has a pen clip so that you can place it in your shirt pocket just like an ink pen.
    - Feels solid. (Not flimsy.)
    - Glad it comes in this size. It feels like solid plastic in your hand and feels much better than all those very thin ones out there. Those thin ones give me hand strain.
    - I use this for my smart touch-phone. (Rumor Touch)
    You can't go wrong with the price and worth it if you get lots of use out of it.
  • Really fun product

    posted by protomank

    - good ink- the pen rools well and smootly- glittered colors- the built materials are hard and feels resistive- price is great- remembers me some multi-color pens I had in the past
    - really liked it, the top button changes colors, the slider moves the chose pen in and out of the hole.
    Fun product, perfect for kids for writting funny letters with nice colors.
  • Great but expensive

    posted by jonhy16

    The details of the pen are great, even the little details, its light and mines works perfect, you can write fine with it, it is comfortable, but not for a long time, and is great as a gift.
    its a great and funny product, you can buy it as a gift and is perfect for who loves weapons
    nothing more to say
  • use carefully

    posted by roihezki

    easy to use.well built.works great with iPhone 4.great use if you need a pen and want to use your phone.also works on galaxy products.very good for games that need careful use of hand or small handling.
    it very good for playing draw something, well build but still it broke after a while.fun to use while in school using the pen to write and using the other side for you iPhone.
    if you think you'll use it buy it! if you have no use of the pen and the stylus together no need to buy this product.

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