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arm sleeves tattoo Customers Reviews

  • Fake Tatoo as the name says

    posted by BennAlle

    Fake tattoo is the one the name says. Really looks like a heavily tattooed arm when you look at least 1m. useful for a party, cosplay.
    It's fun to use. You will need to put a shirt with short sleeves and a bracelet or watch to the finish and look more real.
    If you intend to use both arms, buy two different pairs, as the pair is exactly the same and no one would do exactly the same set of tattoos on both arms. If your arm is too thin, you can use the leg.
    LOL, great toy.
    My arm is 30cm in diameter and is somewhat tight, but fits. But it is not so expensive, you can buy to test the toy.
  • Nice buy!

    posted by minimaster4734

    Nice product, nice to trick people to think you actually made a tattoo on your arm, and it really seems you tattooed yourself on pictures, as long as you cover the ends with something not to show where it ends and where your skin starts.
    I don't know how much this product is able to strech itself, but I think it won't work very well if you have a thick arm or a muscular one, because this is a reasonably thin product.
    If you want to get an extra look on your pictures, or to trick people, buy it, it will probably look nice and people will certainly like it.
  • Nice product

    posted by chosen2

    The sleeves are really nice and cool looking.Stretchy ,I didn't feel any discomfort wearing them but also they fit good ,almost no folds.They made of some kind of mesh material so hand don't sweat in them ,actually in some time you just forget you have em on your hands.
    I sow Canadian version it costed 100 bucks and more for that price its unbelivebly great and well made product.Don't think twice buy it.
  • Great fake tatto loks like real

    posted by Mickeleti

    it is very cool looks like real and make you look a tuff guy LOL
    i am using it now =)
    with they you will look like a rockstar at the weekend and like a normal guy in the office.
    for videos or photos it is great, for shows with you garage band too, thay will say "who is you new badass drummer?" LOL (again)
    it is a funny toy very nice
    the drawing are great, the skull the virgin of guadalupe everithing
    it is a very usefull TOY =) you canuse it for fun but dont try to pose like a tuff guy, do it for the lulz, an not to be someone that you isent ('couse will not work) from closer look, anyone can see that is fake, but if you want just to make a personification for the week end it is what you want....
    (i am wating for the mermaid tatto too) =D
  • 2 Sleeves for that price !!

    posted by WalidBK93

    Very good quality sleeves.When I was in the US last month, I bought one sleeve in a party shop and after 2~3 trial the sleeve was already tearing apart.With these one (you have 2 in one pack) I tried them more than 10 times (put them on and off) and they are like the first day I got them > VERY GOOD QUALITYAs they are 45cm sleeves, you can wear them with short sleeves T-shirt.
    To complete the illusion, wear wristband to cover the end of the sleeves
    Great gadget to catch you friends !!

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