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Welcome to our arm band i9100 online shop. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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arm band i9100 Customers Reviews

  • very good

    posted by moe19225

    It fits well and is very easy to use.It also looks niceThe overall feeling of the product is good.
    Well, it is not perfect, but since it dos the job for a decent amount of money I’ll give this arm band my blessing. Used it for some time now and at is perfectly fine and in good shape. the material used is okay and stretches slightly. The plastic covering the phone is also okay and it is nice the touch screen still work even through the plastic. there are no problems with the headphone jack if you just put the phone in the right way.
    I would definitely recommend this product because of the usefulness and the durability.
  • Great armband for workout and jogging

    posted by Amitaim

    Good quality.Very useful for working out, for jogging and I even use it when I work and I don't want to disturb my coworkers .Fits great for samsung galaxy s2.Allows control of the touch screen through the plastic cover.
    I use it on every workout or when I am jogging/cycling.Very good value.I love this product.My main concern was how long will it last before it will tear up. I have it for more then 6 mounts and I use it 4 times a week, until now it keeps on going without any sign of tearing.
    I really recommend on buying this product. Very useful. Great for everyone how workout and want to hear music at the same time.Get it!
  • Nice

    posted by tomer65

    Fits exactly to Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100), very comfortable, doesn't itch. It won't fall off your hand. I checked it and you can use the touch-screen through the case which means you can easily change songs or whatever during your exercises. Any earphone plug will fit there I believe. You can even put it in the washing machine in low temp if you like to.
    No reason to buy one of those at sports-shops or whatever, it's just the same but way cheaper.
    Totally worth it! anybody who works out should have one of those.
  • does not fit i9100

    posted by dpnegreiros

    Does not fit i9100, just if you push it really hard. And even if you do so, the headphones jack doesn't match the holes in the arm band.I tried it in my wife's iPhone and was really Ok, it is a shame that she isn't really a sports girls, otherwise she would appreciate this gift :)
    It is really nice, and I got frustrated for not having the oportunity to use. It would fit perfectly for a walk at the beach or riding bike while listening music and talking to friends.
    buy just if you have an iphone, it is stilish and has good quality
  • Fantastic product for a special price

    posted by brianmay980

    Very easy to use, my Samsung Galaxy SII fit perfectly inside of it and it's even nice to see. I'm really happy of this choice.
    I love running every day and I was looking for something for running without keeping my smartphone in my hands.
    It's a very helpful and useful product and I'm sure I'll use it every day, it's cheap and it does his work perfectly.

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