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arduino wireless module

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arduino wireless module Customers Reviews

  • Nice and affordable transceiver, but beware of pin header pitch.

    posted by talosds

    * It's a cheaper option than most development kits.* Features a decent antenna (and the possibility to solder an SMA connector and use a better antenna)* Can be easily used in hobbyist RC projects.* Based on the CC1101, a powerful, yet affordable IC.
    * Build quality is okay, but there are some flux leftovers on the PCB that may require cleaning.
    It's a nice, affordable radio transceiver, appropriate for both hobbyists and professionals alike. Not FCC certified, so not suitable for other use but prototyping and hobbyist projects.If having a pin header with a 2mm pitch is not a problem for you, then you should probably go ahead and get yourself a pair of these!
  • Nice inexpensive BT unit for Arduino

    posted by restifo

    Low price, works great. Includes breakout pins.
    To configure the unit, it can't be synced with anything. If you're going to send via the command line, you'll need to click and paste or timing won't be correct. Easiest way with an Arduino is to write a sketch using SoftwareSerial to configure it. Once that's done, it should work seamlessly.Here's an example sketch: http://eclipse.clinertech.com/arduino/bluetooth/blth_code.htmlHere are some commands: http://gnosia.anu.edu.au/wiki/CSR_Bluetooth_module
    Overall, a nice, cheap BT module if you're willing to spend a few minutes setting it up.
  • Great GSM module

    posted by lautarox

    The module comes from the elecfreaks GSM module. They have a tutorial on how to set it up and some examples on how to use it using the arduino platform.Comes with the required power supply to make it work.Has SMS, GPRS and audio (phone calls).
    Remember using the alternate power supply it comes with, if not it won't stablish the network connection.Also try using an hyperterminal because if you try to communicate with it using the arduino terminal you wont be able to send hex values that are needed to let the GSM module know it has finished sending data.
    The module is easy to use due the tutorials and works perfectly.It could be a bit cheaper.
  • Right to the point

    posted by Gabriel94

    Cheap,durable,easy to use,easy to install with the cable pins,great quality and very usefull for my laserball project
    I bought this component for my laserballproject and were not let down the shipping went very smoothly and arrived in a week , which surprised me because of my location (sweden) the shipping is rarely that fast and is a big + for me
    Great for DIY,cheap and fast shipping came lickity splick down in my letterbox in just a week
  • Transceiver with better on-board antenna

    posted by Gyro76

    Price, easy to connect and interface, onboard antenna (with better communication range comparing to smaller modules), good manufacturing quality (PCB, assembly)
    Connector pins distance is 100mil (2.54mm) which is fine.
    Works fine with PIC16F819. Output pins are not tolerant to short circuit. Input pins are 5V tolerant.

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