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On this page, you can find a wide selection of arduino usb. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Your support is our greatest motivation.

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  • Arduino Compatible APC220 (Excelent RF Mudule)

    posted by saormart

    The APC220 is compatiple with all Arduino boards, and it's very easy to use. Basically you just need to power up the mudule and connect the TX and RX to the Arduino board. I baught the robot package from DX and also take this APC220 module to create a remote control using the PS3 joystick where that's works fine ! Very good Product and comes very well packaged.
    You can use this APC220 module to control everything remotly, you just need to use your imagination! Also you can google it and find alot of sample codes how to use it with Arduino!
    With this module you can send RS232 commands to: APC220 -> PC or APC220 -> APC220 (I meand Arduino to PC and Arduino to Arduino)
  • Works with Arduino

    posted by DorinC

    Tried together with Freaduino Pro 328 (SKU: 173878) and it worked flawlessly. The drivers installed automatically both on 32 and 64 bit Windows 7. As seen in the picture, it has a transparent plastic wrap protection. The pin markings are on both sides and visible after the connectors are inserted.
    If you want to use it at 3.3V levels, buy something else or hack it (I didn't hacked mine because I had to remove the plastic protection.
    Buy this if you want a FTDI converter to upload sketches to usb-less 5V Arduinos or if you need a USB to 5V TTL serial converter.
  • Very useful Serial Adapter

    posted by cobra09

    This XBee Serial Adapter is a great product. The quality of the PCB and soldering can't be faulted, and it works just fine.
    I bought it to make a microcontroller communicate through XBee. This adapter is designed to interface Serial through USB OR XBee through USB, but not XBee through Serial which is what I had wanted. There is an easy fix, by swapping the Rx and Tx pins on the Serial Pins, the adapter flawlessly communicates from Serial to XBee.
    I would definitely recommend this to anybody wanting to interface between two of the three connections on this adapter, I am even considering buying more myself!
  • Kit para iniciante em Arduino

    posted by MarcioD

    Produto Mega2560. Vem com conjunto de jumpers para utilização em protótipos. Também tem conjunto de LED para simulação de saídas, bem como os resistores necessários. Conjunto para realização de testes (protótipos).
    Talvez poderia vir com conector micro ou mini usb para facilitar a utilização do mesmo.
    Para quem quer iniciar atividades e o aprendizado do Arduino é uma excelente opção.
  • A good purchase

    posted by krejcim

    My experience is very positive, everything worked on first connection and without nemenšího problem. Dimensions and overall design exactly match, used parts are fine.Delivery was very quick to the post office in the Czech Republic.I will definitely buy many other modules and sensors Arduino
    Thanks DX for a wide range of all kinds of shields for Arduino and I'd recommend to supplement the offer as of the CAN-BUS Shieldhttp://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/canbus-shield-p-1240.html
    I recommend as a good, sensible buy for reasonable money

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