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arduino temperature sensor module

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  • Greate Product

    posted by fluxus42

    -Easy to use, at least on the raspberry pi no additional software is required-its very cheap-well designed layout-can be operated using only 2 wires-you can use multiple sensors on one bus
    -having the pullup directly onboard makes using it very easy-onboard LEDS come in handy when debugging
    -works great attached to a raspbery pi-these are great for prototyping but im gonna buy some more with shilding(water proof) for my green house-havent tried to detach the sensor from the breakout board but should be posible if space is an issue
  • very cheap

    posted by Filjka

    This sensor is really cheap. one wire communication, full internet of information about it.
    Luckily i found datasheet and there is ability to reset the sensor. just hold sensor inside your air heater for 2h and then place it on the table and cover with something wet to make high humidity inside for 5 h. After that procedure in my case humidity reading was equal to another(much more expensive) sensor's reading.
    this is good sensor if you know how to use it.
  • Handy gadget for the experimenter

    posted by HenryJ

    Inexpensive.Handy for the experimenter as it plugs into a breadboard easily (not that a three pin device isn't easy to plug into a breadboard but having the device mounted to the pcb helps protect it and make it less vulnerable to handling damage.
    Good for any arduino experimenter.
    A good price for an experimenters gadget.
  • Sensor de temperatura muy preciso

    posted by pyro329

    Este sensor de temperatura es por mucho mas preciso que el DTH11, se instala en segundos solo basta con conectar a la protoboard y de ahi al arduino alimentarlo con 5 voltios y es todo, ya esta listo para usar y mandar informacion a nuestro arduino
    Buena relacion costo/calidad
    Gran sensor de temperatura, debes de contemplar su compra si vas a comprar sensores para tu arduino.

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