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arduino switch board

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arduino switch board Customers Reviews

  • Good, not perfect

    posted by timpje

    The price is the biggest pro. At the price of almost nothing you have a nice little tilt sensor.
    If you want to make something very reliable or a super good project you might want to buy something else.
    For the price a good product. It is not perfect but the price is almost nothing.. For a student like me a good thing to try something out and make a fun project out of it.
  • Works great

    posted by Oxyacetylene

    Very good price for an Arduino sensor module. You can probably adjust the sensitivity but it may work fine without adjustment, depending on your needs.
    The "out" pin is normally in an on or high state. In your Arduino code you will need to monitor for that pin switching to a low state. You will probably want to also add a slight delay following the pin state read operation so it does not register multiple events every time it detects something...unless that is what you want.
    Great sensor module that works. Easy to use once you figure out the "out" pin as stated above.
  • Great cheep swiches

    posted by stanojoski

    This is great product that will solve you much of your problems with fast micro controllers that can detect the imperfection of the regular switches. Regular switches do not go from state ONE down to state ZERO as we think ideally. Going in few msec. from ONE to ZERO and back forth till it stabilize can make your micro controller a bit crazy. This switch fixes that.. No noise. Ideal change of state.
    Might be good to have different sizes of the switch
    Good one.. for use and also for development and experimenting.

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