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arduino shield Customers Reviews

  • works like charm

    posted by slavino80

    very good quality, easy to use also for beginners,good SW support on www.arduino.cc pages and nice tutorials with lots of examples
    simple to attach on Arduino Mega even if you see such hardware for very first time
    didn't come to testing of SD card yet, hope it works well
  • Perfects Proto-shield

    posted by thevjfla

    - Lower Price- Good Quality- The protoshield have a glue-stick- White -Shinning- color for see all components without issues
    Honestly I'm thinking of buying another one for my other arduino interconnect.
    Nothing more to say, working perfect, if you're finding a cheap proto-shield to start electronic developing with arduino or microcontrollers, just buy this!
  • Must-have shield.

    posted by kunakos

    RTC, SD, good build quality. Works with standard libraries. Another shield can be stacked on top of this one, prototyping surface is really useful. Has a reset button which is visible and properly placed and two leds. Extra long pins.
    The pins on this are EXXXTRA LONG, which seemed strange at first, but it came in handy when I did some wiring, you can fit a lot of stuff on both sides of the prototyping area, and still have no short circuits.I've tested it with a 3.3v arduino, it works just fine. SD shouldn't, but it does.RTC is on i2c, SD uses pin 10 (hardwired) and SPI.
    Useful, not just for data logging. Get this instead of a simple SD or RTC module.
  • Musthave for Arduino projects!

    posted by bokorn

    - Very nice build quality- Includes two leds, and two pushbuttons (one for reset), which you can use by connecting them via soldering
    Using these stuffs you don't have to directly use pins of your Arduino, just attach the protoshield at the top of the Arduino, put the breadboard inside - and start playing with it :)
    It's a MUSTHAVE for your Arduino!
  • well worth the money

    posted by mpego

    cheap, works with UTFT library.Easy to use.It is compact and well built.Once I found the correct initialisation parameters, works like a charm.I used:UTFT: myGLCD(ITDB24D,19,18,17,16)UTouch: myTouch(15,10,14,8,9)
    Not very fast, but it does it jobs very well.I plugged it to a FreAduino.I was a plug and play.If you plan to use the UTouch library remember to calibrate first. Run the example from the UTouch library, it works well.
    It is a product that I would recommended.

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